“Refining water system?”

Summer stunned,苦 着 头。
Since getting the life http://www.foutj.cn of Tang Hao and a thousand movements,He deliberately knows some relevant information on the book.。
Concluded,Want to divide the two poles,That is extremely laborious。
Important,Two kinds of fellow initiates,I must have a master,Many thinking concept is hard to change。
Summer,He has cultivated the fire system to a very high-profile realm.,The heart is all immersed in which。
If you go to repair the order,It will produce a knowledge barrier,It’s hard as it。
But I think of the proposal of the right of the fish,Some heart。
If he really wants to understand how the second yuan is a state,Only go to experience personally。
Seeing him like this,Lin Feng next to、Gogjian、Soviet three people are gradually serious。
after all,They must be clear than anyone,How hard is the same as the two poles。
for a long http://www.szmrchcasyqffh.cn time。
Summer lifts the head,“good,If there is a chance,I will try it.。”
Fish, right, laugh,Wrist shake,A blue jade occurs in the palm,Hand over summer。
“I have a set of getting started here.,Named impermacular mood,A total of seven,Can you make your highest enlightenment。”
“Thank you。”
Summer is not polite,Jade,Picked the eyebrows,哝 哝,“Impermanent mood?”
How did he feel this name is a glisstone’s weird。
It seems that you can see what he thinks in his heart.,The fish must be extremely rare to cast a strange eyes.。
“Incompetent,Nothing from water,When you cultivate the seventh,It can really study and participate in the water system.。”
Toned,Positive color,“remember,Don’t be too worried when practicing,Water system pole practice,Reach a certain height,You even have the opportunity to participate http://www.bdmai.cn in life.。”
Speech,Fish right in the storage ring takes out a green seed。
The force of chaos is slow。
Everyone but I feel a mysterious wave circulation,That is a very difficult life energy。
After a few interest,Fish in the palm of the palm,That seed slowly bud,Then the speed visible in the naked eye,Growing into a full-foot flowers。
Three delicate pink flowers are gently shaking,The fragrance spread of the people。
Then,At the same time。
Summer wide eyes,Careful feelings。
Lin Feng、Goflutum and Su Han are more revealed。
What they repaired is the practice of the wood system,And the wood system has life Xuanao。
But the two did not hide this direction,But it’s another road.,Fighting。
therefore,On the law of life,The two don’t have a fish right weight。
A more strange scene appeared。
Three flowers are getting more and more,Anger,Finally slow color,Get a wilting。