“Got it,Don’t tell the truth?Then I ask them,You just wait for peanuts。“Li Tianzhen turned around and squatted beside a humming horse,Two gunshot wounds to the person’s shoulder blade and calf,There are no major problems except mobility,Hemostasis and anti-inflammatory can save life。

“I said,I said。“Seeing the chance to survive will be lost,The previous Ma Tsai dared not take a fluke anymore,Instead of worrying about being retaliated by the boss in the future,It’s better to save your life now,”I remember,There is a cave in the woods,On the hillside,Nengtonghoushan。“
“Ok,Guilty。Have you walked through the cave??“Li Tianzhen turned around again。
“Walk through,Walk through。As long as my brother spares my life,I am willing to lead the way。“
Li Tianzhen glanced at Quan Xingguo,The other nodded,He leaned over and dragged the other wounded number lying on the ground to a place slightly further behind the bushes,After a while, he dragged the man back to the place,Then rushed to Li Tianzhu:“No problem。”
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Nine Feelings of the old hooligan
So the two again began to check the injury of the questioned Ma Zai,The bullet is not embedded in the bone,And the contusion fracture of the lower leg is not a big problem,I will find some branches to tie the broken leg,Make another walking stick,So-so can walk。The reason for choosing this horse,Mainly considering that this person has the least injury,Easy to move。
The other two injured people who can’t move,Li Tianzhen and Quan Xingguo did not treat them badly either,Have done simple hemostasis treatment and bandaging,As for whether there were other wounded during the previous battle,They really don’t have time to manage。
“You two stay here and don’t move,With any luck,Take you to the county seat when you come back。If you have the ability to save yourself,We don’t oppose。“Drop such a sentence,Li Tianzhu and Quan Xingguo took the horse and left quickly。
Fushan County suddenly exploded in the middle of the night,Policemen on duty at night in various police stations are in a hurry,The alarm phone is ringing non-stop,Someone will talk about Xiangshan RoadKTVSmashed by a masked gangster,After a while, the police said,Everyone in the Prince Sauna Club fights with arms,Just put down the phone,The Xishui Foot Bathing Hall and two chess and card rooms in the western suburbs were rushed by unidentified criminals……
Zhu Lei and You Shilong each ride a stolen motorcycle,All over the city,Can toss。I circled the county seat in just a few hours,Specialize in night troubles,These places have long been touched by Broad Bean and Peng Weihua,Belong to Pang Rong、Wang Fan、The influence of Hua Lao Er, Xue Yikai and others。Two people index by picture,Find a family,Can’t be wrong。
Two old hooligans who have been in the rivers and lakes for many years started to be ruthless.,They cooperate with each other very skillfully,Basically Zhu Lei went in to verify his body,Then find the difference,Then You Shilong suddenly appeared in a big fight,In the end the two worshipped in chaos,Rush to the next scene。
Only hit a hard stubble in the west of the city,Pang Rong’s next watcher called Guan Tong is very difficult to deal with,Fortunately, You Shilong rushed out in time,Otherwise, Zhu Lei will inevitably suffer a big loss when he underestimates the enemy。Guan Tong is hard to deal with,But when the opponent teamed up, he was beaten up.,If it weren’t for Zhu Lei’s enough,Guan Tong must hang up。
Unfortunately, Pang Rong was not found,The kidnapped old Hao and Uncle Hai’s wife were not found,Inadequate,But Zhu Lei and Zhu Lei have cleared the evil spirit in their hearts。Almost five o’clock in the morning,The two returned the stolen motorcycle property to the original owner,Stopped in the cold side street and laughed。
“Take things out。”Zhu Lei suddenly squinted at You Shilong。