Xia Jian lay on the bed for a while,I can’t sleep anymore,He got up,Stood on the balcony and lookedTCountry scenery。

he comesTCountry is already the second day,Should I call Ma Yan??Xia Jian hesitated,So I picked up the hotel’s service phone。I hit the front desk first,Then he dialed to the phone of the Xiping Village Committee。
The phone was connected soon。Ma Yan’s cheerful voice came from inside:“Hello there!Xiping Village Committee,Who can I find?”
“I’m looking for Ma Yanma, the village chief”Xia Jian joked on the phone。
Ma Yan heard Xia Jian’s voice,She laughed and said:“You are a busy man,Why do you call me during the day??I can feel the sun coming out from the west”Ma Yan said,Can’t help but smile。Can hear it,She is still very happy。
Xia Jian heard Ma Yan was so happy,He smiled and said:“No matter how busy i am,I also need to call my wife。Don’t you have two people now??What’s the situation now?”
“Humph!You are so embarrassed to ask。I’m so sad,I feel sick when I see something greasy now。My mom may have seen something”Ma Yan whispered embarrassedly on the phone。
Xia Jian took the opportunity to comfort Ma Yan,Just hung up the phone。After all, this is an international long distance,Although he doesn’t need to pay at all,But he was too embarrassed to consume too much。
Being alone in a hotel is also very boring。He turned on the tv,After turning for a long time, I couldn’t find a channel that I could understand.。
I can’t see this TV,Sleep and can’t sleep。Xia Jian is really boring,Locked the door,Walked out of the hotel。
He walks on the street alone,He wants to see,ThisTHow do people live。What is exotic,Only where,Have a deep understanding。Xia Jian strolled around,Because of the language barrier,He returned to the hotel early。
Xia Jian had lunch at noon by himself。He made a call,Let the waiter deliver to his room,It’s just a bite。
Afternoon time,The same hardship。Xia Jian first called Bai Li,Asked about the company。What makes Xia Jian happy is,Bai Li went to a big municipal project。It turned out that Pingdu City had to run through the entire city,Four bridges need to be built in the city,Bai Li got the bid。