In the eyes of a normal American,It is normal to have two travel plans every year。

Like john·Martinis worked at Google for six years like that,Finally gave myself a holiday,Wandering around in China’s major cities is normal operation。
If it wasn’t for Love·How do Dracula say he is a person with a head, a face and an identity,I guess the Ambassador is not interested in saying a word to him。
I don’t care about it,Let alone next。
So Don Love·Dracula made a request,A military attache must follow to protect his request to negotiate with Yuxin Technology,Although the embassy did not directly refuse,But it always says that it’s understaffed,Everyone has their own things,If you must protect, you have to wait。
I waited all day,Love who ran away the next day·Dracula still got no answer。
No way,Love·Dracula can only report his whereabouts and phone calls to the embassy staff,Then with the heroic feeling that I will not go to hell who will go to hell,After contacting Huaqing University again,After making an appointment through the university,Then I arrived at the building of Yuxin Technology。
Before entering the building,Black Rabbit Security gave this American friend a disarm。
Strict security measures,It made him feel that he might be in a black shop。
So anger and fear are natural things。
This anxiety continued until Wang Yufei opened the door of the reception room。
“Mr. Dracula,Hello,I am Wang Yufei。”
The moment I saw Wang Yufei,Love·Dracula breathed a sigh of relief。
Of course he recognizes the young man in front of him,He watched Wang Yufei’s video long ago,There is even a document about Wang Yufei in his office。
Although the information is not very detailed,But there are still several videos and photos on the Internet。
Can see the Lord,And this master looks very sincere,How much made his nervous mood a little relaxed。
“Mr Wang,Hello!”