“Sorry,I might disappoint you,in fact,I am an alien from a distant gray planet,Due to a war,My spaceship fell into the cliff together,Where i got lucky。”Ye Xingkong helped Chen Limu sit down,Take it easy。

“Alien planet into earth,So it’s true?”Chen Limu doubts,Then asked:“What happened next?”
Ye Xingkong just wanted to tell her roughly,But one thing is certain,Chen Limu was not shocked because he was an alien、panic。
“soon,I met your son Ke Lan。”Ye Xingkong continued。
“what?!”Chen Limu stood up when he heard this bounce。Hold the arm of the chair tightly。
Ye Xingkong walked over and helped her and said:“You have to be good,I will go on。”
“Speak?”Chen Limu compromised,I convince myself to be calm。
Ye Xingkong no longer speaks,He is afraid to go on,Chen Limu can’t stand it。
But Chen Limu doesn’t think so,Urged immediately:“Do not worry about me,I’m fine,You go on。”
Ye Xingkong looked in Chen Limu’s eyes,Seeing a mother’s anxious mentality about events that concern her son。
He said:“You have to promise me,Must hold on。”
Chen Limu nodded heavily。
“That day,as usual,No different,I heard a rough shout,The voice is very sad。I looked up,A figure fell down quickly,Seeing it’s about to fall into a trough,I leaped quickly to catch him,Sharp stone on him、Bruises from branches or sharp objects,Big tricklexue。I raised my head and picked him up because I was flying,I didn’t expect it to be on himxueFell into my open mouth unintentionally。You don’t know,People on our planet,Once you drink a lot of someonexue,A little while,Will slowly become a streamxueThat person。”Ye Xingkong’s vivid description of narration。Central Plains Book Bar