Internet celebrities tossed nearly 3 billion fixed-income plans on Saturday to raise funds since listing

“Internet celebrities” tossed nearly 3 billion fixed-income plans on Saturday to raise funds since listing
A “demon stock” that disclosed its intention to refinance a month ago on Saturday (002291), on the evening of April 7th, it threw out a nearly 3 billion fixed-income financing plan.A new high in financing.Choice data shows that since its listing in 2009 on Saturday, it has successfully issued three additional shares in 2015 and 2019, raising nearly 20 billion yuan. During the 10 years of listing, the company only paid 3 dividends on Saturday, and it has not been paid since 2015.No dividends.As the leader of Internet celebrity economic concept stocks, the reason for the increase this Saturday is the construction of digital marketing cloud platform and supplementary working capital and repayment of bank debt.Specifically, the number of non-public offerings this Saturday is expected to not exceed 2.2.2 billion shares, which is 30% of the company ‘s total share capital before the issuance, issuance targets are securities investment fund management companies, securities companies, trust companies, financial companies, insurance institutional investors, and qualified foreign institutional investors that meet the requirements of the China Securities Regulatory Commission.As well as other institutional investors, natural persons, etc., no more than 35 specific objects.Said on Saturday that the total amount of funds raised in this non-public offering does not exceed 29.7.2 billion US dollars, after deducting the issuance costs, it will be used to build the YOWANT digital marketing cloud platform construction project (9.0.6 billion), social e-commerce ecosystem construction project (7.9.1 billion yuan), Innovation Technology Research Institute Construction Project (3.8.5 billion yuan) and supplementary working capital to repay bank loans (8.900 million).The plan shows that at present, the price of this non-public issuance has not been determined. The pricing base date is the first day of the issuance period of this non-public offering. The issue price is not less than 80% of the average price of the company’s stock transactions 20 trading days before the pricing base date.Earlier this year, Internet celebrity economic concept stocks caused frequent market turmoil. As the leading stock among them, Saturday began to soar in December last year.From the closing price of December 12 last year 7.200 million, soaring to the highest price on March 6 this year, the highest price of 36.49 yuan / share, expected to rise over 350% on Saturday.But then the company had a big ups and downs. As of April 8th, the reporter issued a report. On Saturday, it has gradually hovered around 25 yuan per share for many days, and the distance has fallen by about 30%.Even so, in the past 20 trading days, the previous average price on Saturday was not less than 20 yuan.In fact, San Francisco ‘s shareholders have increased their shareholdings on Saturday, and these companies also issued announcements to alleviate the pressure on listed companies.On December 25, 2019, the company issued a reduction notice to disclose that shareholders and parties acting in concert planned to reduce the company’s shares to not exceed the company’s total share capital ratio of 5.00%.Regarding the reduction of shares, the company’s controlling shareholders and persons acting in concert claim to relieve shareholders’ debt pressure and the risk of stock pledge financing. Part of the proceeds from the reduction of funds will be used to provide financial assistance to the company.Choice data shows that as of the third quarter of 2019, Saturday ‘s assets and liabilities were renewed by 40.52%, flow viscosity coefficient 88.52%, the net cash flow from operating activities accounted for 124% of net profit.78%.Obviously, the non-public offering plan on Saturday still needs to be submitted to the general meeting of shareholders for approval and approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission before it can be implemented.Regarding the reasons for raising funds, it was stated on Saturday that in the current rapid development of the domestic Internet marketing industry, it has obtained certain first-mover advantages through early deployment, but it is subject to difficulties such as insufficient venues and software and hardware support caused by insufficient funds, and rapid business expansionThreatening competition effects.On Saturday, the fundraising investment project of this non-public offering is in line with the main business direction, which is conducive to further deepening the business layout of “multi-brand footwear business + mobile Internet business”, accelerating the construction of “fashion IP ecosystem” and accelerating the gradual startThe new retail platform of “user-centric, data + content-driven, and integration of consumption scenarios” improves the company’s profitability.As of midday closing on April 8, it rose 6 on Saturday.08%, reported 24.76 yuan / share, the latest market size is 182.84.9 billion.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Zeyan editor Chen Li proofreading reporter reporter: zhangzeyan @