Comprehensively improve the risk prevention and control ability to ensure that the trade port is stable

"The most critical variables that have become the result of the establishment of the risk of the Hainan Free Trade Port". The Eleventh Plenary Session of the Journey of the Provincial Party Committee, deeply explains the extreme importance of risk prevention and control, requiring the province to enhance opportunities andRisk awareness, building risks prevention and control.

After the closing of the plenary, all relevant departments of Hainan Province, all relevant departments quickly set off the learning and publicity boom, and planned to implement the implementation of work, and they showed in-depth study of the Eleventh Plenary Session of the 19th National Committee of the Communist Party of China.Further enhance the sense of worries, stick to bottom line thinking, coordinate development and safety, firmly grasp "tube" to "put" this principle, solidly lay the risk prevention and control, the overall battle, blocking war, and fight togetherThe hoof is steady to advance the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.The management also risk-catching risk prevention and control must compact responsibility.

This requires various departments to strengthen linkage, adhere to the "risk of management must be tuned", and do the soil. Ding Zi, deputy secretary of Haikou Municipal Committee and Mayor, said that it will closely combine the reality of Haikou, conscientiously implement the spirit of the Plenary, and do a good job in the development of Hainan Free Trade Port and risk prevention and control. Located, control.

"Yangpu is the first-line area of ??Hainan Free Trade Port, the demonstration area, we will continue to work hard in the institutional innovation, maximize the company’s trade port, the company, the country, the company Puddom is trying to promote all kinds of economic elements to Yongpu gatherings. Wang Jianqin, deputy director of the trade office of Yongpu Work Committee, said that Yangpu will insist on the implementation of various policy measures, and arrest all kinds of risk challenges. Potential risks hidden behind every innovative policy, "especially the risk hidden dangers of epidemic prevention, smuggling, taxation, financial, animal and plant disease, safety production and environmental pollution, etc. Yangpu will promptly find risk points, develop risk prevention programs and effective response to measures, and resolutely hold the bottom line of systemic risks. "The risk prevention and control of key areas and key industries, especially to grasp the small, grasp the seedlings tendency. According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Commerce, the current, "Hainan Free Trade Port, the negative list management method (trial)" has been introduced, providing supporting system guaranteed to the landing implementation of the negative list of cross-border service trade, "as a service trade The leading unit of the special working group of the risk prevention and control, the provincial business hall will be in the relevant industry authorities, from the flow of funds, personnel and information, combing the risk points in the open field, define the risk level, and formulate prevention and control measures. Optimize supervision and management to ensure the healthy and stable operation of the province’s service trade business. "" Building a modern environmental governance system is the application of free trade port and national ecological civilization test area.

The high standards established an ecological environmental risk prevention and control system, which is an important part of improving the modernization of ecological environmental governance systems and governance capacity.

"The Provincial Ecological Environment Office Directors said that the province’s ecological environment system will adhere to high standards leaders, plan to promote the landmark project; insist on promoting the implementation of ecological environmental protection inspections, consolidating the construction of ecological civilization and ecological environmental protection responsibility Adhere to high quality requirements, promote green low-carbon circulation development; adhere to high-efficiency can reduce carbon, realize the increase in decontamination and carbon coordination; adhere to high-precision pollution, maintain environmental quality "benchmark"; adhere to high-level protection, safeguard trade Hong Kong ecological security; adhere to high standard prevention and control, keep the native environmental safety bottom line; adhere to high efficiency supervision, build a modern environmental governance system, and resolutely liate the major political responsibility of ecological civilization construction and ecological environment protection.

Supporting the short board sound mechanism to grasp the risk prevention and control, the short board must be complemented.

This requires us to work hard in strengthening infrastructure and information construction, establish and improve system mechanisms. "Finance is the industry of business. Risk prevention and control is incorporated into the banking insurance industry, also accompanied by the whole process of operation.

Fu Pingjiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Hainan Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau, said that the Hainan Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau will conscientiously implement the relevant decision-making deployment of the Provincial Party Committee and the Silver Bank of China, and resolutely hold the bottom line of the systemic financial risk, and stably dispose of key institutions. , Key areas, increase the management of non-performing assets, promote the risk resolution of high-risk financial institutions, curb real estate fiscal foam, and severely crack down on illegal and illegal financial activities, and strive to consolidate legal person financial institutions corporation.

Strengthen risk monitoring and research analysis, focus on improving the ability to address, disposal, resolve the risk, promoting the high-quality development of banking insurance industry, helping Chinese characteristics free trade port construction smoothly entering into irreversible tracks.

Fang Hao, the President of the Haikou Center, the People’s Bank of China, also frank, Hainan’s trade-out finance continued to expand its opening, and made a higher demand for financial risk prevention and control.

"To strengthen the monitoring and analysis of banks, securities, insurance and other industries, focus on financial innovation business, risk assessment of reform measures, do a good job in forward-looking research, overall deployment, and ensure the stability of trade-wide financial reform innovation. Keep a good job in the risk of large-scale enterprises, key industries, and small and medium-sized financial institutions, prevent individual risks, local risk evolution into systemic risk, and create a stable and orderly financial environment for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port. "Fang Wei said.

Haikou Customs Guanhang Shi Zongwei said that the next step Science and technology empowerment, institutional reform empowerment, escorting the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port. Lin Jian, general manager of Hainan Harbor Harbor Co., Ltd., said it will further increase the construction of linkage and information technology between the customs, interconnected with customs, and cooperate with its list of goods, and the inspection of port personnel. Never fell lightly, paralyzed.

"Recently, the domestic epidemic presents multi-disabled situation, and is the peak season of Hainan autumn and winter, the tourism, the winter vaccinator is increased, and the airport epidemic prevention work is important. We must always tighten the epidemic to prevent and control this string, scientific and rigorous, implement Fine epidemic prevention and control measures, resolutely guard the ‘into the island portal’. "Yang Xiaolin, Party Committee, Haikou Meilan International Airport, said that Meilan Airport will resolutely hold the bottom line of the people of the people, do a good job of normalized epidemic prevention, Meilan 2 The work and other work, "especially the further gibes of the international management of advanced airports, starting from the details, strengthening cooperation with all parties, continuously improving safety management level, providing safe, convenient, comfortable, and efficient for the majority of passengers Travel experience. "(Editor: Pan Huiwen, Chen Haiyan) Sharing let more people see client downloads.