Man-in-law relationship is important

Man-in-law relationship is important

[Fuse Line]Usually, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law do not meet each other often, and everyone is safe.

However, on the day of family reunion during the Spring Festival, it is inevitable that the mother-in-law meets, and the ambivalence will also arise. Some of them cannot resolve at home.Bringing emotions to work.

  Psychologically focused female colleague said her husband’s family is not good. Mr. Zhao, a citizen of Changchun, called this newspaper and said, “Colleagues are all going to work after the Spring Festival. Married female colleagues usually go back to their in-laws to celebrate the holiday. When they return to work, they say how bad their family is.

Mr. Zhao believes that some people go home for a few days a year. No matter what kind of mother-in-law they encounter, they should be more generous as daughter-in-law. It is not necessary to say so when they return.

Maybe some people are psychologically depressed, and they say it for the purpose of resolving, not necessarily prejudice against the mother-in-law.

Mr. Zhao himself was somewhat contradictory. He said he hoped to learn more about the skills of family members during the holidays.

  Experts comment that the role of men is critical. State-level psychological consultants comment: Mr. Zhao ‘s problem is a common problem in our society. Among various family relationships, the relationship between mother-in-law and mother-in-law is probably the easiest to deal with.
So how to balance this relationship so that the family can live in peace at any time, the most important person is the son or husband of the person between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law.

  The husband has to deal with the relationship between his wife and mother, and must do the following five points: 1.

“Heart to heart” with his wife forever; 2.

“Forever with my mother”; 3.

“No bias” in housework forever; 4.

“Love” his wife; 5,

Pay “respect” to my mother.

  In other words, when getting along with family members, we must pay attention to the inner feelings of the elderly, and we must also avoid the inner feelings of the wife.

  First of all, the wife has to do six words: “sweet mouth, wide heart, loose hands”.

Sweet mouth, some kind of talk to mother-in-law, “Mom you work hard.”

It’s more important than helping her to do a hundred things. Being broad-minded, you may not be able to see a lot of things, but you must pretend that you can’t see them. Loose hands mean that you must be loose in matters of money and power.

Finally, the mother-in-law must also follow the principle of hello and goodness when treating her daughter-in-law. She has more hope and less requirements for her daughter-in-law.