“Second elder!”

“Brother Han!”
The man in the gray robe nodded:“in history,There are five times outsiders come。”
“The first extraterritorial power comes,That time the extraterritorial powerhouse was quite low-key,My sacred mountain was also established in that era。”
“The second extraterritorial power comes,We are communicating with foreigners,I also know the so-called‘Demon Refining System’,It’s a pity that the strong outsider only knows about the gods and demons。”
“The third arrival of foreign races,It’s a complete disaster,We also know for the first time‘No room door’This terrible force outside the territory,The ten elders of the mountain,Only seven left。Ordinary true immortals have suffered even more。”
“Since that time,We just started to strengthen the training of younger generations,The last time the gate of no room came,We can barely stalemate with the strong one who entered。Also from that time,Our sacred mountain can also cultivate‘Demon Refining Body’Strong。Little Sixteen is the body of God and Demon‘Tenjin’。”The gray robe man has a low tone。
“This fifth foreign race comes,We must take the initiative。”
“According to our previous experience,Must take the initiative。”
“Extraterritorial,Not necessarily hostile。Infernal Door is powerful,Impossible to join us,They must be planning to swallow the opening of the Universe Tower。”
“but,If there are non-infinite aliens,There is also the possibility of cooperation。”
“of course,Our sacred mountain must be the leader。”
The second elder of Shenshan has a passionate tone,“This time,We can never be defeated by those aliens in Infernal Door。”
“correct,Ming Daoyou,Can you see the crocodile devil and those thieves who have no room??”Yingtian asked worriedly。