Chen Xiu also knew that he might be in trouble this time,But still shouting in dissatisfaction:“You don’t flash,I’m going to split on the altar!”

“You speak arrogantly,Is it my fault!”
“Naturally your fault,Don’t you resist,Chop me obediently,As for the explosion?!”
Chen Xiu babbled,Run away,I look back after a gap,I saw a black hole like a whirlpool appeared above the altar。
“Qingyun old ghost,What is that black hole?”
Master Qingyun looked back,Happy face:“Teleport is on!”The whole person turned into a red shadow and galloped towards the black hole。
Chen Xiu doesn’t know the role of black holes,But seeing Patriarch Qingyun flying towards the black hole,He also followed closely。
“This kid,Too annoying。Can’t let him go to the secret!”
Qingyun Patriarch in a short fight,A blood-colored river descends from the sky,It turned into a huge bloody vortex above Chen Xiu’s head,The whole piece is red and red!
As soon as the scarlet vortex appears,A force full of desolation and blood suddenly emerged,The essence of heaven and earth instantly turned into an invisible and quality shackle,Locked Chen Xiu。
The bloody vortex instantly locked Zhang Ye,Then it spins like crazy,Press down towards Chen Xiu。Robber
Red light burst into the void under pressure,The whole world seems to have entered the end of the world,That momentum absolutely shocked the world,Shake the universe。