Wang Teng is very leisurely,Especially after getting 20% of the shares of Tan Group,Wang Teng is estimating,Who should I do next?。

“First of all,Let me take a look,I know what’s going on。”
While talking,Wang Teng is watching carefully in front of his eyes。
but,After Wang Teng finished watching,Now,Wang Teng whole person,Is at a loss。
Over,What are you talking about?,Why start now,Wang Teng actually felt,I don’t seem to understand。
But the more so,Actually put it here,Wang Teng itself,On the contrary, there is not much feeling at all。
And seeing these,Actually here,Wang Teng smiled faintly。
“All right,It’s not the time to talk about this for now。”
“Now that it’s almost ready,So don’t think about other issues for now,All of these people’s shares are in hand,You can definitely take down the Tan Group。”
Wang Teng secretly thought,Then he took out his phone,Don’t forget to call out。
I made this call,Wang Teng directly said two words over there。
quickly,I am very anxious over there。
“Hey,where are you,I come to you。”
well,at this point,Is exactly what Wang Teng wants to see。