“It’s ok,I can’t sign it,You can come to our company often。”Fang Na turned her eyes to Zhao Luo。

“Our spokesperson who does not sign a contract,Also get the endorsement fee。”Zhao Luo also sent an invitation。
“Thanks boss Zhao。”Cen Cheng nodded,Dare not say more,She is just a student after all,Dare not breach the contract。
“what,correct,What is the name of the boss of the company you signed with??”Fang Na asked, rubbing her forehead。
“Xia Shuyue。”Cen Cheng answered casually。
“I also want to work with her,Can you introduce us to?”Fang Na asked。
Zhao Luo heard that Fang Na was going to talk to Xia Shuyue about business,The brain is stunned,What kind of medicine is Fang Na selling??and so,He didn’t speak,Just listen。
“Ugh,No way to introduce,recent,I’m busy,Sister Shuyue doesn’t know what happened,Listen to the people in the store,Her phone is always off,They couldn’t be contacted for many days,and,The transfer notice has already been posted at the store。”Cen Cheng hasn’t seen Xia Shuyue for a long time。
183 IQ is zero
“is it?”Fang Na actually wanted to determine if Xia Shuyue was really dead,Hear here,She smiled in her heart,Smiled on my face。
Recently,Wang San and Er Mao are missing,Can’t contact,She is not particularly relieved of Wang San,I’m afraid that they will mess around behind。
Zhao Luo heard that Xia Shuyue’s shop was going to be sold,And no one can contact,Also shut down,Anxious immediately,ask,“Is it because of bad business??”
“Isn’t it,Sister Shuyue’s business is pretty good,There are many people taking pictures every day,Anyway, I see a lot of people every time I go,Sometimes waiting in line,Moreover,And advertising,I don’t know whether to make money or not,But I’m sure her business will not lose。”Cen Cheng answered Zhao Luo seriously。
“Oh。”Zhao Luo nodded,No more questions,More questions。
When a few of them are chatting,Wu Lili was hiding not far away,She always wanted to inquire about Universe Company,This should be a breakthrough point。
After listening to the conversation between Cen Cheng and Zhao Luo,Fang Na is more certain that Xia Shuyue should have already seen King Yan,Began to implement her next plan。
Ermao and Wang San can’t get in touch,She sent the photos to Mr. Zhu’s house by express mail,And write the word Nana on the back of the photo。