Seeing Zhang Yunsheng didn’t respond,Qin Feng frowned,“Zhang Yunsheng,I don’t have time to spend with you,I have a bad temper,Now give you 30 seconds to organize the language,If you don’t think about how to answer me,You can go meet Lao Zhang。”

Hear words,Zhang Yunsheng is extremely painful,At this time, he is suffering mentally。of course,He is also beginning to consider the gains and losses between saying and not saying。
“All right,Thirty seconds is up,Are you sure??It’s ok,Big deal, I will spend some time investigating,Then,You go see the king!”
Saying that there is a sharp iron piece in Qingfeng’s hand,As long as he gently stroked the necks of these ordinary people, he could easily take the lives of the family。
“stop,I said!”
after all,Under the pressure of high pressure,Zhang Yunsheng still chooses to speak。
“Ha ha,Speak!”
Qin Feng stretched out his hand,The murderous aura disappeared without a trace,At this time, he showed that harmless smile again。
Zhang Yunsheng didn’t hide it after gritting his teeth:“Actually I don’t know much,After all, at my level, I definitely can’t access the core secrets。But I know that there was a matchmaker in that incident,And the matchmaker’s surname is Long!”
Zhang Yunsheng paused and said:“All right,I have said everything,Can you just let us go?”
“Long?”Qin Feng muttered。Although I’m considering this surname,But he didn’t embarrass Zhang Yunsheng anymore。
Because he knew that the person involved in the incident was only Lao Zhang,Has little to do with Zhang Yunsheng’s nephew。
And from the beginning,He didn’t think about the intention of attacking Zhang Yunsheng,After all, if he really does something against this family,What is the difference between him and the beast who destroyed the Qin family??
Just for the clues given by Zhang Yunsheng,Qin Feng should be able to believe it based on his experience of seeing people over the years。The issue is,If only the last name,It’s certainly not easy to investigate。
To know,The people involved in this incident may have used a pseudonym,The possibility itself is not low!It’s like many members in their mercenary world have a code name。This is the same reason!
Just when Qin Feng was thinking about how to investigate next,A voice came。
“Master,Master, you ran too fast,I almost couldn’t catch up!”The visitor was Li Huan who claimed to be Qin Feng’s disciple before。
See Li Huan appear,Qin Feng frowned slightly。In fact, no matter who it is,I don’t think I like being interrupted when I think。