What to eat for acne

What to eat for acne

When you click to buy cobalt acne, others often say that you are still young. Of course, this is a ridiculous word. The appearance of acne affects our face. It also shows that there is a problem in our stomach. The toxins in the body are not ruled outOf course, it is easy to get acne. If you want to get acne and detox diet is the key, here are four food treatments for acne and detox.

  First, sugar fungus papaya materials: a papaya, snow fungus, north and south apricots, a moderate amount of rock sugar.

  Method: Soak the fungus, peel the papaya and cut into pieces. Add the north and apricots and water into the pot. Boil until the soup becomes sticky. Season with rock sugar.

  Efficacy: whitening, moisturizing, beauty, and stomach.

Eat two to three times a week.

  Second, tomato stir-fried ravioli slice material: 300 grams of fresh lotus root, 100 grams of tomato juice.

  Preparation method: 1. First, slice the ravioli, stir-fry with vegetable oil; , 2, then add the seasoning, add tomato juice when it is ripe.

  Efficacy: Qingre Runfei Shengsheng.

  Third, jellyfish two dishes material: 200 grams of jellyfish, 15 grams of laver, 50 grams of celery.

  Method: 1. Wash and shred the jellyfish and shred the laver.

  2, celery shredded with boiling water, and then extended with cold boiling water; 3, remove and control dry, mix well together, add seasoning.

  Efficacy: clearing heat and cooling blood, dissolving blood stasis and dissolving knots.

  Fourth, winter melon lotus leaf soup material: a ring of winter melon, half a lotus leaf, three buckwheat oats, barley, moderate amount of lean meat.

  Method: Divide melon, slice lean meat and fly water.

Put in a clay pot, add lotus leaf, winter wheat, indica rice and water, and boil over low heat for two hours.

  Efficacy: Suitable for spring and summer, twice a week.

Regular drinks can whiten, eliminate fat, and eliminate excess water in the body.

  In addition to paying attention to diet and eating some detox foods, you must also pay attention to your daily routine to ensure adequate sleep.