A letter from the Chengdu Medical Security Bureau to the city’s insured

People’s Daily November 16th (Guo Ying) provides a more convenient and efficient medical services to the majority of insured people, in accordance with the unified deployment of the national and Sichuan Provincial Medical Security Bureau, 021 November 21, Chengdu Medical Guarantee The information system will stop, switch to the national medical security information platform (hereinafter referred to as "new platform"). To this end, Chengdu Medical Protection Bureau wrote a letter to the city’s insured. The specific content is as follows: Dear insured: In accordance with the unified deployment of the State and Provincial Medical Board, our city is scheduled at 0:00 on November 21st to 29th, stop switching the national medical security information platform.

The platform is a national unified, interconnected medical security information platform for the deployment of the National Medical Insurance Bureau.

If the platform is "medical insurance Mandarin", through unified standards, unified encoding, "data multi-run road, the masses are rampage", and enhance the masses to participate in medical intensity.

During the stop, all kinds of medical insurance operations will be suspended. Due to this switching, it involves more than 18 million people’s medical insurance data, and the information system reconstruction of nearly 16,000 pharmaceutical institutions, which leads to a long downtime, but the treatment of medical insurance is not affected, which will bring you inconvenience, I ask everyone to understand! After starting on November 30, all medical insurance business recovery is handled.

Because the initial period of the new platform is unstable, it may be inconvenient to bring you, we will do our best to solve difficulties and problems for you. In order not to affect the medical treatment of the insured staff and the system on the system, we specially combed the relevant business handling guidelines. For you to view the medical institutions, you can also inquire in the "Chengdu Medical Insurance" official website and WeChat public account. You can call 12333. Thank you again for your understanding and support of Chengdu’s medical insurance! Chengdu Medical Security Bureau November 13, 2021 (Editor: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia) Share more people to see.