If Zhao ignores the words that can be repaired at this time,It’s not a problem.,But now there is a gold wheel to resist,There is a Chu Deirers forced,Zhao ignored and only cold,Take a palm of Chu Deirers……

Chu Deirers don’t look,Directly greet,After the shoot, the reaction will be reacted.——It is a gold round.!
A strength of ten no longer has a gold wheel,Directly by Chu Demen,Skull instant quartz fifty,Just the film is still,Take the same blown as a rotten watermelon,But it is taken“deflated”Go down,Blood faint obscencing,It’s not going to live.。
and“threw up”After the gold wheel,Zhao ignored Fu and Chu Deirers,No thirty strokes,It is very competitive,Tell the Chu Deirent,However, the Chu Deirers also fight together,Whit!
Vomiting blood、The rib is broken and the rib is broken.,Golden light on the Chu Deirers,But more increasingly……
At this time, Chu Deirers“Fighting”,Increased faintness has exceeded merits!
after all“Essay”To some extent,Not to improve strength,Just play strength to the limit,Why is this more stronger?、Emotion is the strengthening of the war, the less obvious。
and“Fighting”It is possible to use a war.,Raise combat power to extraordinary。
Chu Deirers are completely injured at this time.、Hit the play,Depend on“Injury”Let the fight against further……
“Buddha ninety style”Magic nine-style,It is also getting more brave、Great and crazy type。
and“Buddha’s Palm”,That is“Buddha”on the contrary,Instead, the stronger the war、Kill,The more powerful。
Although the Chu Deee began to accumulate injuries,But the momentum is not falling!
Instead, Zhao ignored the war,Gradually suppressed……
Various nature of Chu Deirers,Constantly injured,Zhao ignorant is naturally not damaged。
more importantly,Zhao ignore now is only the illegal turn of the golden wheel in internal resistance.,Not completely“dry”One of them,Add to invite the moon and the unfair one,Let him get amused。
After all, he has no eight poles yet.,Really and Tianmen master hard touch,I always feel that there is some loss.——Waiting for the eighth,Zhao ignored it is not afraid of any Tianmen master!
Now look only two steps,There is always a little loss and feelings.……
And Zhao ignored himself and did not realize——He has not been to people in 20 years.,Even serious hands-on hands,All day after the day,Conspiracy tricks,This makes his battle will feel!
Switching is 20 years ago,Zhao ignore maybe,First change to death、How to kill Chu too old?
Invitation moon and oriental to find the door,Maybe it is still the opportunity of the next breakthrough……
But now Zhao ignorant……
Find a chance,Come to the valley,Pull the landslide on both sides of the mountain wall,Chu Deirers left the right to stop the left to the gravel,I found only one ruins in front of it.,Zhao ignorant is no trace。
“Old monkey!You gave me out!”Chu Deman,Behind the faint, the vain of the magic,I don’t know who is more like a old monkey.。
“The ancient three-way and the heart have been married.,You are a defeated dog!”
“Favorite、Unforgettable,Always ancient three links,You are spare tires、waste!”
“No wonder you are not allowed to marry folk women,You are the clearest,Your palace girl is a waste!”
Chu Deirers shouted in the valley——Zhao ignored s only possible《Phantom》Shadow of martial arts,That is likely to be in interested control,Can avoid“Ming Yumai”Induction。
But the Chu Deirers have a big 番,Silent surrounding——But any animal that breathes,I have already escaped before.,Either you can’t breathe……
I want to come to Zhao ignorant, I really have left。
Golden light on the Chu Deirers,Along with his war,Gradually extinguish,Then the Chu Deirers have some exhausted sitting down,Tulk ribs,I can’t help but reach out……
Chapter 939 See you
“Amitabha,Thank you, Chu Shu, I am awake.。”摩 智 一 和 相 相 相。
No see the evil magic,I didn’t see the treasure mastery of the day.,As if it is an ordinary monk……
Chu Deirers stared at him.,The heart is also amazing——The odd is not a wisdom,Wei Xiaobao!