Even if he is thinking, can you persist for a month?。

But the words of Zhao Pengyu in the village today,But let him ignite hope。
“Ame,I don’t want to go to the county.,I am going to get to Lianhua Village.。”
Liu Mei listened to Zhao Tiezhu,Immediately not happy。
I want to do your fish to catch shrimp.?
You have been working for so many years.,Have you elected money??”
“Hey-hey,Isn’t that something worthless??
And I can’t live too much this lumbar.。”
I heard Zhao Tiezhu said that she is a muscles of her waist.,Liu Mei is also a lot of color.。
Previous Zhao Tiezhu for this home,It’s really desperately working.,But the same is true to hurt the body.。
Think of Zhao Tiezhu’s lumbar strain,Liu Mei is also sighing a gap:“I do not care,Anyway, your son’s tuition, you have to make it out.,I don’t have to support you.,I will work myself, I can manage myself.,And the knowledge of pig farms, I also learned a lot.,When I went to find Zhao Xiaoli,I feel that I am also wrong.。”
I heard Liu Mei Songkou,Zhao Tiezhu is also happy。
“Hey-hey,do not worry,I don’t come back this time I don’t make money.,Then I will go here.,Early, stepping up early,Definitely have a harvest。”
Waiting Liu Mei back,Zhao Tiezhu rides directly on motorcycle,I used the steel wire that had been used with a bundle to go directly to Lianhua Village.。
When he came to Lianhua Village,I found that the village has actually gathered a lot of people.,Most of them are other villages,There are a few he is very familiar.,Previously a worker working in quarry。
Several people meet are familiar,Asking this purpose,They all come to the air and gas。
Zhao Tiezhu didn’t expect to catch the field, and it will find so many people.。
This makes him also have a tension,When you go to the place, you will go to the place.。
According to his years of experience,I finally saw a few secret mouse caves in a greenhouse.,Look at Dukou,He also believes that there is a three-pound rumored rumor.。
Xu Laifu is also heard that the village has been coming many people.,It is a nice。
Because the Nurs like night activities,These people are basically ready to work with flashlights.。
“what is your job?”
Seeing Zhao Tiezhu sneaky,Xu Laifu is also alert。
After all, it is a lot of your own greenhouses.,Just here he has eight。
“Hey-hey,Old village,I am Zhaojia Village,I just feel more here.,come and see。”
you know me?”
Xu Jiafu wrinkled his brow and looked at Zhao Tiezhu,He is not half an impression on Zhao Tiezhu.。
“Hey-hey,know,When you have been to our village to investigate pigs,I have seen you。”
I heard this,Xu Jiafu is a lot of rest assured。
“Then how do you know that I am a lot of the mole??
There are also many other places.?”
“You see here,There is also here,Both the pole,Although there is a footprint,But there is no more than you。”
Xu Lai Fu wants to have never thought that the other party took a few places a few places.,There is a hole in the mouth,It’s also a feeling that I have encountered a valuage.。
“sure,Then I have given you this few sheds.,Is there confident to catch me??