“I want to escape in the hands of this old guy, I’m afraid I can’t do it!”Li Ming turned around,Within mind,The lord of the wind beast is still chasing after。

If at first,The Wind Beast Mountain Lord just wanted to kill him easily,It can be seen that after Li Ming’s escape and strength, the more greedy。
After all, Li Ming’s escape technique is amazing,Ordinary ancestors cannot reach。
Wind Beast Mountain Lord Judgment,Li Ming must have a big opportunity,Chance。
And as far as he knows,Li Ming’s treasure has at least a hundred chaotic spirits,It’s worth jealous for him。
not to mention,Have forged hatred,It must be cut and rooted。
As for Li Ming who often shows up,Just a clone of the second soul,The news that he is a second-class Jindanzuxian who has practiced the method,This is inherently more secretive。
Cangxue Kingdom Knows,If the owner of the Wind Beast Mountain pays attention to collecting information in recent years, he may also know。But in fact, he was invited by other world powers in recent years,Join this fight against the Red Lotus Sovereign,Not updated in time。
So he has no idea,Kill this body,But can’t really kill Li Ming。
For several reasons,It made him more and more serious towards Li Ming。
and so,When Li Ming suddenly stopped the escape,Wind Beast Mountain Lord was also slightly surprised。
after all,Wind Beast Mountain Master also knows,The ancestor in front of you must not wait and see—Just this escape technique,You will be able to deal with the world’s experts。
“on!”Two wind beasts, insects and beasts whose strength is comparable to the world realm rushed up,At the same time, the wind beast mountain master casts spell assistance,A wave of thunder hit the wind beast,Leiguang jumps on the scales of the wind beast,But it makes them have a surge in speed and power。