In fact,That obsession is an excessive narcissism,The kind of perfection he is looking for,It’s just my reflection,Only his own reflection can fit all the perfection he seeks。

However, there are no two identical people in the world,That kind of pursuit is destined to be a fantasy。
Excessive narcissism and obsession is a disease,But he can only manage to treat it by himself。
Healed myself,Chen Wenjin dared to start a family。
And look at the answer that time gave him,The future marriage in my memory is well maintained,As for the response to education,It will take longer to reveal the answer。
Marriage and education seem to Chen Wenjin to be the two most difficult problems in life.,Because these two exam papers are too long——The answer sheet should be written until the end of life。
Listening to those complaints from Mother Chen,Chen Wenjin can’t help his parents。
The marriage of Lord Chen and Mother Chen has long been broken,It seems that I have answered the question for a few years,I blacked out the answer sheets together,How to save?
As for wealth,Mother Chen thought Lord Chen could save it。
But Chen Wenjin knows Master Chen’s concept of wealth and life,Being in your sixties is still the same as in your thirties,No progress in a lifetime,Can’t change。
Chen Wenjin’s summary of Lord Chen is:Show off,Ping is angry。For Master Chen,Can’t be superior,Just ordinary。
Chapter Three Seventy Four Excessive occupation
“I don’t expect anything from your dad in my life,Don’t lose all his money, I’ll thank God,Don’t spend money like your dad……”Mother Chen complained a lot,Chen Wenjin can only listen。
He can’t calm his mother,Woman so long-winded,It’s because the husband didn’t solve it properly when he had emotional problems,The reverse is also true for men。So day by day、Year after year、More and more unresolved emotions,Of course it’s getting more and more wordy。Long-winded,There are more and more old things interspersed,Like a ball of thread,Your partner is even less able to straighten out,I just feel that the other party is becoming more unreasonable,It’s going into a vicious circle。
Chen Wenjin finally listened to Chen’s mother when she finished eating,I suggested to go to the movies,Mother Chen said in a bad mood:“What’s so nice!I knew wasting money!”
Chen Qian gave Chen Wenjin a depressed look,I know that Mother Chen will be in a bad mood,When I’m in a good mood,Look more serious than them,Popcorn chews better than them。
So Chen Wenjin continued to sit and listen to Chen’s mother complaining about Master Chen,Chen Qian came over suddenly,Took the phone under the table and walked。
After a meeting,Chen Wenjin was surprised to see that Chen Qian came back holding Xiao Xiao’s arm.。
When they meet,Xiao Xiao is obviously proud of the little surprise in front of him,Chen Wenjin couldn’t help but smile。