[Crab and wine]_Food conditioning_Eating taboos

[Crab and wine]_Food conditioning_Eating taboos

Red wine is two kinds of foods that are very common. Crabs are rich in cholesterol, which helps to enhance the nutritional value of the human body, and can satisfy this dietary desire of the human body. However, when eating crabs, pay attention not to eat them.There are also many foods that cannot be eaten together. Many people are used to pairing crabs and wine together. Can crabs and wine be eaten together?

Can I drink red wine for crabs?

In fact, in terms of nutrition research, you can drink wine by eating crabs, but you have to drink wine selectively, not all of them can.

However, Japanese scientists have found that drinking red wine is not suitable for consumption with seafood products. Samples of phosphate, drinking red wine while eating sashimi will increase the fishy smell and make the red wine lose its taste.Seafood reacts, increasing the fishy smell of seafood, but there are also data that white wine is the best way to eat crabs and crabs. White wine is the best, because crabs belong to the cold and should be integrated with white wines to eat like this.healthier.
What to eat with crab and white wine The combination of white wine and seafood has been produced a long time ago. The combination of these two can improve the taste of food, and white wine can also reduce the bacteria in crabs, making it more secure to eat.

Yellow rice wine is uniquely brewed in the past. It will not have a counteracting effect when eaten with crabs. Moreover, rice wine is mild in temperature, can neutralize the cold of crabs, has a certain cold-repellent effect, and can promote food digestion.The semi-dry rice wine is served with crab.

Red wine and white wine crabs are cold foods. People with cold stomachs will have diarrhea when eating crabs. White wine plays a neutralizing role and promotes blood circulation to expel the cold. Drinking a moderate amount of white wine when eating crabs will help reduce or eliminate the production of crabsDiscomfort.

There are various types of vinegar, and you can choose crabs according to your preference.

Rice vinegar has a strong rice fragrance, strong aging vinegar, refreshing Zhejiang vinegar, and strong white vinegar, all on its own.

Ginger is hot and spicy, and is an indispensable raw material for Chinese food cooking. When cooking fish and shrimp, people are accustomed to putting some ginger, which can detoxify and sterilize the cold.

Ginger is also a must-have in the crab season every year. Generally, it is not put during cooking. Instead, it is chopped into vinegar and dipped in crab meat. It can also be put in a cup of hot brown sugar ginger tea.Relieving the cold of crabs can also warm the stomach and help digestion.

Perilla shiso leaves have a mild flavor, and have the effects of publishing, dispersing cold, and regulating qi. When steaming crabs, you can pad a perilla leaf underneath, which can detoxify the crab, reduce its coldness, and even crab after steamingThere is also a hint of plant aroma in the meat.