How to make soup taste more deliciousThree ways to help you

How to make soup taste more deliciousThree ways to help you

The median number of Li Yu in “Xian Qing Ou Ji”: Tang is also an alias for 羹, and there should be 羹 when there is rice, and rice cannot be served without 下.

It can be seen that soup has always been said first in diet and health.

The soup can hold the nutrition essence of Baiwei, and the expression of “people take food as the heaven and eat soup as the first” has been circulating.

So, when it comes to drinking soup, what should a housewife do to make the soup that she makes fresh and fragrant?

  The first is to choose fresh ingredients. When buying chicken, duck, lean pork, pork elbow, pork bone, ham, plate duck, fish and other ingredients for soup, you should pay attention to it must be fresh, have a small odor, and have less blood stains.

  Secondly, the meat soup should be soaked in cold water after being soaked, and then the meat soup should be soaked in cold water. The meat raw material should be boiled in cold water and boiled for a while, which can effectively reduce the purine content.

While dissolving the amino acids and soluble vitamins in the ingredients in the soup, it will also dissolve fats, plasma and purines.

Especially the “Laohuo Liangtang”, which is continuously cooked, has higher purine content.

If you drink such a large amount of soup for a long time, it may easily lead to high uric acid and even gout.

  Third, water is not used. When adding water to the soup, you should add water as the principle. The size of the heat is the key. After boiling, simmer slowly and slowly, but it should not be too long. Most soups should be 1-2 hours. VegetablesThe main kind of soup is even less suitable for cooking for too long.

Add salt before taking out of the pan. Keep it light, and put less salt. Prematurely adding salt will affect the taste of the soup.

  Health Tips: Soup is one of the best tonics. Soup can make the nutritional treatment of the ingredients improve, but the amount of supplements must be appropriate at the right time.