“You are very correct,Like investment in Donglin Township,Need a large amount of capital injection in the early stage,And it is possible,The investment period is even longer。When is the specific benefit,Really can’t say”Xia Jian also revealed the bottom,He felt that with Xiao Xiao,There is no need to play dumb riddles anymore。

Xiao Xiao glanced at Xia Jian and said:“What can i help you,Although the opening is”
“it is good!You can not invest,But make it look like you must bid,I have to support this face。Especially you have to do your homework enough in this regard,Let Mr. Guo act immediately”Xia Jian said and smiled。
Xiao Xiao pointed at Xia Jian with his http://www.bhutanairlines.cn finger:“You are too cunning,But I still admire your business acumen”Two people talking,It’s noon。
When Xiao Xiao’s secretary came in and asked Xiao Xiao how to eat lunch,Xiao Xiao remembered that it was time for dinner again,She thought for a while and said to Xia Jian:“I will take you to a restaurant that makes Hunan food today,Tastes very good”
For eating,No matter how delicious Xia Jian thinks,Can’t match his meal。But Xiao Xiao is so passionate,He was too embarrassed to decline,So the two went downstairs together。
In the lobby on the first floor,Zhang Sangui is talking to Gangheiwa。When they saw Xia Jian,Two people greeted us。The two drivers spent a lot of time with Xia Jian,So they still have feelings。
Especially these two people have made mistakes,Those who were spared by Xia Jian and invited back,So apart from their respect for http://www.qwoxki.cn Xia Jian,With gratitude。
“President Xia!Did you come back to work?”Zhang Sangui asked with a big smile。
Xia Jian laughed and said:“No,Miss everyone,Come and play for two days and go back”
Zhang Sangui glanced at Xiao Xiao,Hehe smiled and said:“Think everyone is just an excuse!Do you come back?Everyone misses you”Zhang Sangui is funny,Inside and outside with meaning。
He dare to say this only after seeing that the relationship between Xia Jian and Xiao Xiao has recovered well,If this is placed before,In this case, he dare not say in front of Xiao Xiao。Unless he doesn’t want to work in the startup group anymore。
“Are you going to eat out??I’ll drive you!”Heiwa is anxious,And volunteered to say。
Xiao Xiao shook his head and said:“No need to,We may have other things to do after dinner,Go to work well!”
Xiao Xiao looks arrogant and cold to everyone。As soon as she speaks,Heiwa and Zhang Sangui greeted Xia Jian in a funny way and walked away.。
The road is still a bit congested at noon。But Xiao http://www.huaitw.cn Xiao is not in a hurry,While driving slowly,While chatting with Xia Jian。Like this situation,It’s hard to show up on Xiao Xiao。At least Xia Jian has seen it for the first time。