“Yes,And I am also very curious.,I want to see someone if I want to date me.。”

Summit in the summer,Drink the coffee in one breath,“I am very glad to meet you.,Tina。”
Mean,Stand up,Ready to leave。
“Will we meet??”
Tina asked,Exposion in the eyes。
“Our Huaxia has an old saying,Have a thousand miles to meet,Don’t meet each other。”
Summer is very casual,Turn around,Walking on the third floor of the bar。
Looking at her back,Tina’s pair of black scorpions appear to be deep。
It disappeared until summer,She received her attention。
sit on the chair,Also learn to look outside the window。
After a moment,The service is a coffee。
During this period,There are a few men to come to,They were rejected by her.。
After drinking coffee,Woman leaves coffee house,Drive away。
“Ha ha,Bart,I still saw it seeing our Tina failed.。
Dear Tina,Can you talk about your feelings now?。”
There are two people in the latter seat in the car.,Two middle-aged men。
One of the body is a burly,And another person is just the opposite,It looks thin and weak,A slap in the staff of the staff。
But at this moment, the two faces have exposed a smile of a smile.。
I heard the laughter of the two people,Driving Tina face is less ugly。
“I want to ask me to think,Okay.,I tell you,He is very strong,You also know my ability,When faced with him,I feel that I am going to suffocate.。”
I heard this sentence,The laughter of the two people quickly converge。
But http://www.hrbzgyxy.com.cn very quickly,Senior Han Sen Dynasty,“He is strong and no use,Here is rice,Our home,Moreover,I heard that this master will be united.,Even if he is a real god,The final end is also death。”
Another person also attached,“Well said,I think he will die this time.,Just now we receive a notice,Let us quickly return to the base,Before action,All of us must conduct a super intensive,It is said that,Gifts brought by the gods alliance。”
……On the third floor。
Summer standing in front of the window。
It is grateful to a black car that is slowly remitting the traffic.。
He re-expands the sign of the hand。
“Tina、Bart、Loz……How many gifts like American carvings?。”
Speech,Turn around。
A Western man sitting in the box。
If the member of the jasura is seen to see him,Clearately shocked。
The man is actually http://www.b2cjob.cn a vice president of the Intercourse Headquarters.,Anthony!He still has another identity。
People in the world……One of the shadows。
NS2833chapter Unmanned
Summer turn,Looking at Anthony。