The village in the city is very big,Connected by several pieces。The captain’s temporary rented cabin is in the opposite direction from Wang Po’s house,That piece of dwellings is denser,Although it is also tearing down the words on the wall,But there is no sign of construction。Hut General Iron Door,The captain doesn’t know where to go,I can only find Ah Jiu。

Just turned out of the alley,Suddenly, two half-and-five-year-old guys ran past Li Tianchou quickly,Tattered,I seem to be holding something in my arms。There is one more,Slightly smaller,Carrying the guy in his hand, chasing after him,Curse while running。
Li Tianchou heard the voice,Isn’t this a kid bug??He walked in front,Never thought that bed bugs were not scared,Roar in your mouth“Get out of here。”Although it’s still changing voice,It’s also fierce、Vicious。Li Tianchou was taken aback,This small print doesn’t grow much,Courage is fattened。He said nothing,Shot in front of the bug,At the same time, the right leg gently bows forward,Knee hit the base of the opponent’s thigh。
The bug slammed to the side with a sound,While scratching with both hands, he realized that he didn’t really fall,The two shoulder joints have been firmly clasped by each other。He is about to swear,I didn’t expect the other party to smile,“The bed bugs are not bad。”
Take a closer look,The bedbug cried out,“Big brother!”
“Okay。”Li Tianchou released his hand,“What are you fighting for??”
“Fuck,Two idiots stole my things。”Bed bugs scolded while rubbing their thighs and opening their mouths,But I was so excited。
“WTF?Brother snatched it back for you。”Li Tianchou took out a cigarette,Hand a bed bug。
“Ha ha,Not a good thing,Don’t bother with that。”Bed bug scratching his head is a little embarrassed to say,“correct,Big brother,When did you come back?”
“Just now,Go around inside,No one found。Ha ha,I didn’t expect to meet you on the way。”Li Tianchou looked at the bed bug and smelled the cigarette,Right sniff,And threw the lighter to him,“How are everyone?Is this film going to be taken apart??”
Bed bug lit a cigarette,Took a fragrant sip,“Not good,One is worse than the other。I’m not in the mood to dismantle this piece。”
Li Tianchou gave the bug a slap on the back of the head,“Don’t fucking open your mouth,Damn old?Tell me about everyone’s situation,And you,Why is it still such a virtue??”
“And me,Still the same。”The bug took a couple of puffs,Sophisticated tone、Sophisticated,Can’t match his actual age,“The captain was beaten,Lying in the hospital。I just got some good fucking stuff,Want to change some money to make up for him,The dog fucks too yellow。”
Li Tianchou looked at the bedbug with resentment,There is a weirdness,I heard that the captain was beaten again,My eyebrows gradually become pimple。“Speak clearly,Which hospital?Who beaten it?”
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Four Brothers get together
“The third hospital which is very close to ours。Kick off a rib。”Bed bug,Put the dirty face close,Then he lowered his voice,“The people from the demolition office did it,Horse force,Really ruthless。”
Li Tianchou is very strange,I couldn’t help but remember the scene when I was deceived to the demolition site when I worked in Zhaokun before.,“Demolition Office?Demolish his house?Has a relationship with him。”