After a brief discussion, I learned,This tall girl is called Lin Ling,From northeast,The girl in the red skirt is called Qiu Xueyun,From Jiangsu and Zhejiang,The two roommates with them, Chang Limin and Zhang Jiaqi, are both Cantonese,Well-behaved,But it’s really general in terms of appearance。

I didn’t expect Xu Ling to guess it,The beauty of the law major is really that way。
402Among the four in the dormitory,Except Zhu Xiaoguang and Liu Taosheng are extremely enthusiastic,Along the way, apart from talking, learning and singing,Lu Menglin and Zhang Bo both seemed very relaxed,I didn’t take this scene too seriously。
The boys and girls in the two dormitories came to the cafeteria together,I saw Zhu Xiaoguang wave his hand,Shouted:“go!I treat,Let’s go to the second floor for a little stir fry。”
This product is coming again?402The other three in the dormitory are all speechless。
But since he yelled out,No one will oppose face to face,Why do people like to be big bosses??
I don’t know Lin Ling waved her hand,Tao:“no need!agreedAAMade。We are not here to take advantage。Eat here!”
This girl speaks firmly,And it’s kind of like a man who says that women are inferior to men,It makes people feel good。
Qiu Xueyun saw a few boys silent,So I also smiled softly:“Let’s eat on the first floor!The food on the first floor is quite delicious。And one more person in our dormitory is coming!If you go upstairs,I can’t find it later。”
This rigid and soft,Two girls sing together,Zhu Xiaoguang suddenly lost his temper。
“OK then!Just eat here!go,Brothers,Let’s put together a big table。”Zhu Xiaoguang waved。