Easily lead children to a eclipse for some reason

Easily lead children to a eclipse for some reason

Parents know that partial eclipse can cause imbalance in children’s nutritional intake, which is extremely detrimental to growth and development, but they just find a good way to correct it.

Even if you seek help from a doctor, it seems difficult to achieve the desired results.

  In fact, to correct children’s partial eclipse, the key is to find the cause of their child’s partial eclipse. Only by eliminating the factors leading to partial eclipse, partial eclipse can be effectively corrected.

So what are the main causes of children’s partial eclipse?

  1. What you want to eat: Give the child’s dietary requirements always responsive, so that the child’s taste is getting higher and higher, specializing in the delicious food you like.

  2, snacks do not leave the mouth: a variety of snacks are very tempting to children, if you develop a habit of eating snacks, it will lead to the continuous duplication of digestive juices, waste of insufficient rest, may eventually lead to weakened digestive function and decreased appetite.

  3. Parents “organize” feeding: When the child is about 1 year old, the parent should cultivate his habit of eating by himself, but some children are four or five years old, and adults still insist on feeding him, even affecting the child’s interest in eating.

  4. Eating while watching TV: This is a “common problem” of many children. The wonderful pictures on TV disperse the child’s appetite. When they are not full at meals, children can easily rely on snacks to supplement them.

  5, do not grasp the diet time: just after the child fell asleep or just finished playing, let the child eat, preparation is insufficient, digestive juice secretion is insufficient, it will affect the child’s digestive function and easily lead to partial eclipse.

  6, food monotonous: small families in the hands of young parents are used to making a meal, or what the child loves to eat, they always do something to the child, tired of eating, a partial eclipse is formed.

  7, parents partial eclipse: Some parents have a habit of partial eclipse, pick and choose on the diet, often said in front of the child that this is not delicious, it is also unpalatable, which may affect the child’s behavior as adults.

  8. Cooking is not delicious: I still buy a lot of good things, but my parents’ cooking skills are not enough. They do not taste or change. The children do not like to eat and are not interested.

  9, table atmosphere is bad: parents are not in harmony, often arguing at the table, children will be nervous when eating, resulting in lack of appetite, but also induce partial eclipse.