Massage in 7 steps to maintain perfect legs

Massage in 7 steps to maintain perfect legs

Begin to consider physical countermeasures in the winter, so that we can keep in good shape when the spring begins next year.

Winter is coming, and we have put on thick clothes. Maybe we will not pay too much attention to our body problems in this season.

But after thinking of the beginning of spring, the bloated figure under the heavy winter clothes would become worried.

It’s better to start thinking about countermeasures in the winter, so that we can maintain a good figure when the spring starts next year.

  STEP1: Press your hands slightly at the position of the tailbone, and then massage around the tailbone in a circular manner. The purpose of this is to enable rapid blood circulation in the lower body.

  Step 2: Hold one leg high on the chair, then pinch the entire hip with the strength of your fingers, and gently step on it to soften the hard muscles in the front, which is also conducive to the softness of the lower body muscles.

  STEP3: Grasp the tibia with the strength of your fingers, and then slowly lift up to help prevent the tibia from sagging and maintain a good shape.

  STEP4: Bend down a little, then make a fist with both hands, and lightly hit the lower part of the tailbone, the purpose is to let the waste of the lower body be discharged, so that the cells can be better absorbed by the lymph.

  STEP5: Raise one leg to the chair, then pinch the upper thigh with both hands, with your left hand up, your right hand down, and pinch and massage in different directions.

  STEP6: Use the thumbs of both hands to step on the center position above the thighs, and press them with a little force for about 3 seconds, and then slowly move the position of the thumbs to the base of the thighs, while applying force to massage.

  STEP7: This step is similar to STEP5, but it is performed on the outside of the thigh.

The two hands are massaged in different directions, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of orange peel and also help to discharge waste from the thighs.