The Ministry of Water Conservancy announced the "Three Gorges Project Gazette 2020": The year-round power generation exceeds 110 billion kW

Map: Yu Xin (internship) 2020, the Yangtze River has undergone the most serious basin-based floods since 1998, the three gorgeous reservoir has developed the mainstation of the trees, reaching 75,000 cubic meters per second. Through scientific dispatching, the Three Gorges Project has the effects of 5 floods of floods per second of floods per second, accumulating floods of 25.4 billion […]

The first "smart + network" theme industry complex appears in the "回 天"

People’s Network Beijing December 3 (Dong Zairui) reporter learned from Changping District The demand of "return to day" in high-precision industries and mature companies. It is understood that Chang Development Yunyi Center is located in the core of Huilong Guandong Street, the core of the city, with an overall capacity of 10,000 square meters. Different from other industrial complex, the […]

The Party Committee of the Political Consultative Conference of the Autonomous Region conveyed the study and Xi Jinping General Secretary inspected the spirit of the important speech in Ningxia

On June 12th, the party group of the Autonomous Region CPPCC held a meeting to convey the general secretary of Xi Xi Ping inspected the spirit of Ningxia’s important speech, and research and implementing the opinions and discussed discussion. Madam President of the Political Consultative Conference of the Autonomous Region, Cui Bo, the party secretary, presided over the meeting and […]

Stick to the people’s feelings to promote the problem of solving the people "urgent expensive"

This newspaper (correspondent Chen Duolun reporter Zhu Shengli) November 9th to 10th, Liu Haiquan, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, in the Lu’an City research on the construction of grassroots party style and clean government, visually condolences to the poor, discipline inspection and supervision cadres, view The […]

Note in the epidemic situation in Jilin Province (announced on November 18, 2021)

 At 0-24 November 17th, there was no new interceptive input diagnosed case and asymptomatic infection.At 0-24, November 17th, there was no new local confirmed case and unsmail infection in the province.Remind the general public, and recently have a history of travel history in the epidemic situation, please take the initiative to report to local communities (village) or disease control agencies, […]