“Nonsense!You can still feel when you die”Xia Jian said,Reached out and scratched Chen Jing’s feet,Chen Jing suddenly pumped her foot,There is a slight smile on his face。

I saw Chen Jing was saved,Xia Jian dare not delay for a moment,Because he doesn’t even know what’s going on outside now,They must leave here as soon as possible,Otherwise another avalanche,No matter how good he is,I can only sleep here。 Xia Jian rubbed Chen Jing’s soles for a while,Make her a little warmer,He pulled down a few silver needles on […]

This woman has changed a lot。I ran away from him as soon as I met,And now?The courage is not ordinary,You know she is a married woman。

Wang Youcai relies on memory,Drove the car to the Old City God Temple。He remembered that Lu Monkey’s family lived in this area,If there is no demolition,It’s not difficult to find their home。 Wang Youcai found out after getting off the car,This place has been demolished to pieces。Finally found the alley with a stone lion at the mouth of Cangzi。This is […]

“Second elder!”

“Brother Han!” The man in the gray robe nodded:“in history,There are five times outsiders come。” “The first extraterritorial power comes,That time the extraterritorial powerhouse was quite low-key,My sacred mountain was also established in that era。” “The second extraterritorial power comes,We are communicating with foreigners,I also know the so-called‘Demon Refining System’,It’s a pity that the strong outsider only knows about the […]

“Got it,Don’t tell the truth?Then I ask them,You just wait for peanuts。“Li Tianzhen turned around and squatted beside a humming horse,Two gunshot wounds to the person’s shoulder blade and calf,There are no major problems except mobility,Hemostasis and anti-inflammatory can save life。

“I said,I said。“Seeing the chance to survive will be lost,The previous Ma Tsai dared not take a fluke anymore,Instead of worrying about being retaliated by the boss in the future,It’s better to save your life now,”I remember,There is a cave in the woods,On the hillside,Nengtonghoushan。“ “Ok,Guilty。Have you walked through the cave??“Li Tianzhen turned around again。 “Walk through,Walk through。As long as […]

Comprehend to a certain extent,Simply increasing the number of ores cannot increase the power of the move。

And the secret method,Is a weapon made from ore。 But if you feel it‘ore’Not enough,The weapons built are also limited。 “My deity should move!”Li Ming’s human body trembled,Dust falling on the ground,Wave of hand,The hair and beard that were more than ten meters long were randomly cut off。 “With the explosive power of my deity itself comparable to the limit […]

Everyone talking and laughing,Ruan Lingna picked up the walkie-talkie and made arrangements。I feel that I have grasped tightly in terms of time,But it was past seven o’clock when I was eating。

Because I don’t leave at night,So Xia Jian accompanied Guan Ting and they drank some beer。Lu Wei is polite,Not drink。But this Li Mengyue,No loss is for sales,She can both say,Can also drink。Pestering Xia Jian。If not for a meeting to swim,Xia Jian really can’t get out。 Finished eating,Xia Jian’s face changed,Started the meeting。He first talked about the progress of the project、Engineering […]

And at the same time,The high priest is also observing this junior。Relative Wright doesn’t know much about the high priest,The high priest knew Wright,Cromwell also asked her to help Wright。

And the speed of Wright becoming a god,It also made her heart tremble。She was very talented back then,Elected as the saint of the temple of life,Countless resources,There are many teachings in the sanctuary,Step into the sanctuary less than a hundred years old,It took three thousand years to become a god。And the young man in front of you,Also become a god,But […]

“Shan Taoist!”

Zhang Shan,Just listen to the name and you know it is just an offshoot of the Zhang family。 Talented,That year and‘Buddha knife’Is an era,Even geniuses put together。 but,At least superficially,He is not liked by Zhang’s ancestors。 Like the patriarch Meng is not happy‘Buddha knife’general。 “The ancestors must support the family after all,Saito can only be sincerely convinced in name。” “But […]

Yue Wu’s face changed,The men under him raised their guns at Chen Xiu。

Chen Xiu stared at the dark barrels around him and said with a sneer:“I remind you,Don’t shake your hands,In case of fire,All of you will be buried with me!” Chen Xiu gently unbuttoned his jacket,Reveal more than twenty grenades,All the zombies stepped back subconsciously。 “Don’t move,All the grenades on my body contain bezoar powder,I estimate that more than 20 grenades […]