“rest assured,The Holy See of Light will be destroyed by us!”Cecilia held her husband’s hands,“I will be with you,Wright,Let’s not hurry。And the turmoil really happened in our Puang Empire,The Holy See of Light will definitely be involved,There are so many opportunities at that time。”

“I know!”Wright hugs Cecilia backhand,Whispered in her ear,“I understand,Cecilia。rest assured,I’m not going to deal with the Holy See before I’m sure。” “But for the continuation of our family,Should we hurry up and have a baby?!” “Humph!”Although married for many years,But Cecilia is still very shy,It is completely opposite to her usual temperament,Blushing and knocked Wright over。 “Tweeted~Tweeted!”(Elek:Two people are flirting,Do […]

I saw densely packed、All kinds of sea monsters flying out from the surface of the South China Sea or ejected,Or crawl out quickly。

Ocean Warcraft,Ten times more terrifying than the monsters on the mainland!First, the number is extremely large。The second is the weird strength。Humans have far less knowledge of marine warcraft than the warcraft on the mainland。 Wright glanced across,Like a giant crab,Spouting bubbles,It’s just as big as a sunspot,A pair of big tongs can defeat a group of fighters with a swipe。 […]

Depp is honest,Never complained,Can escape disaster,It’s very satisfying to have a place to settle down,So I don’t care if the captain takes advantage of it,Two difficult brothers settle down temporarily in Liuyun Temple,Naturally received a lot of care from Baiyun,Not to mention that Li Tianchou spoke in person,Even the captain himself has a lot of fate with Mr. Baiyun,So the treatment is much higher than ordinary Taoist。

“master,I heard that my eldest brother has been on the mountain for several years?”Free,The captain asked Lao Dao to verify Li Tianchou’s past in Liuyunguan。 “Just stayed around for a while。”Baiyun vaguely coped,Originally, Li Tianchou’s practice and enlightenment in meditation were well-known things.,I have also been affected by Lu Xuanyun,Be his junior,The craziest year,Xuan Yunzi’s fame is gone,Many pilgrims and […]

Come out from Li Tianchou with Peng Weihua on his back,Around the grove behind,Finally ran to the small house opposite the high wall to hide,Ling Feng can see clearly,It’s just that he can’t find a chance to start。

I don’t know if Li Tianchou is too experienced or lucky,The hiding position he chose is very particular,Squatting on the side of the small house in the middle,Avoid directly facing the tall buildings on both sides,And easy to block the line of sight,Conducive to Tenno,I slipped and fell home。 The only time I can start is when Li Tianchou suddenly […]

While Li Ming regressed,Fuming and Murong deceive themselves,With Li Mingzhan,Sparks。

“hateful,Fight like this,The loser must be me,Murong Fu’s attack was too harsh,And this perverted kid helps him,Must find a chance to get out” “Attribute warfare,Earth snake churn”The snake condensed from soil for a while rushed towards the Fuming two,The two immediately left the attack range,But after the attack disappears,Li Ming is missing。 “hateful,Let him run!”Murong Fu angrily said。 “Forget it,Run […]

He watched Gao Bao,Sudden,Behind you behind,A sword tip appeared in the chest。

“Duan Xiao,I am here.,Do you have a puppet to entertain yourself??” Behind the sound of high Bohai。 Duan Yizheng wants to look back,But found that the body is changing,No inhibitory fall。 “what!” Wake up from nightmare,Duan Yao touches your own body,No problem,That is just a dream.,Although it is a bad dream。 “dream,Usually it is back。” Duan Yan wiped the cold […]

“Sun Moon Change,Water flow, the sea,Let everything go。Actually my fate with Yuxing is over,I’m really worried,Free of distractions。”

“What about Song girl??You said so easily?” “Resign。”Li Tianchou smiled and got up,“be careful,Take care。” Looking at the back of Li Tianchou in the sunset,You Shilong’s heart is full of flavors,As just said,Yuxing is afraid it’s really bad。 …… A few days later,A young Taoist priest came to a small mountain village in Honggu County, northwestern Shanxi Province,It is Li […]

“Li brother,I heard that you will come back again.,I deliberately bought a few bottles of good wine to find you to drink a cup.。”

Looking at the smile of Luo Yichen,Li Hui Feng this time is not in Tibetan private,Direct operation,Then stare at each other.。 This eye,But it is shocked by him.。 Because the other party is not just the top of the head,But the heart is connected to the top of the head,Ten thousand silk within the dark,The root of the silk made […]

Although each of their monsters is priced at one billion,But the minimum profit from the Tianlong people is at least 2 billion。

The market price of Life Essence is too far from the actual price。 As for not posting a higher reward,to be frank,For the strong,Money is not important at all,Too much meaningless。 The only people who can be attracted by money are those who are strong or below.。 They are the most existence in the sea,More people and more news。 “Green […]

Xia Shuyue can’t understand,“Why are you big sister a mother?,Won’t you coax the child to cry??She may be hungry,Why are you shouting at her?”

“Can you control?”The middle-aged woman glared at Xia Shuyue。 Xia Shuyue looked at the little girl sympathetically,Distressed that she has such a mother,The child suddenly turned around,She stared at Xia Shuyue blankly,Stopped crying。 Although I haven’t seen each other for a while,Ye Jia grew up,But Xia Shuyue still recognized it at a glance,Ask loudly,“baby,Why are you here?” ———— 213 How […]