Just entering the door,Welcome to Miss Yingbin is welcome,And the renovation inside is also a glorious,The stall is also spotless,Let Li Hui feels that he should play on this place.。

“Let it go,We go to the second floor,The second floor is suitable for us。” Li Hui is still in such a luxurious place for the first time.,Last time to Zheng Tiancheng,He is already luxurious.,I didn’t expect to be luxurious than Zheng Tiancheng.。 At the second floor,Li Hui finally understood why Qin Xue will say that they are suitable for them.。 […]

Old Gong scratched his head embarrassedly and said:“I can’t help you live here,When I came to live with relatives,Secondly, this relative doesn’t usually give me money,Did not check out until the end of the year“

“Okay, old Gong,You have helped me a lot,Stop talking,Hurry back!I have to get up early to work tomorrow morning“Xia Jian interrupted Lao Gong,Push him away,It’s nice to have this fellow,Xia Jian felt very relaxed。 Old Gong smiled,Just turned a step,Stopped again and said:“You leaned the car against the wall,The wind in Taohe is very strong this night,Beware of cold“Watching Lao […]

“Also,If you are buried here,Really count your graveyard。”Zhu Minglang’s smile is not so gentle this time,His eyes are sharp,His face is a little cold though smiling。

At the market in Runyu City,There are hundreds of people lying down,They are tortured,Zhu Minglang saw it with my own eyes,And the culprit responsible for all this is Shenfan Academy! greedy,Let Shenfan Academy ignore the real situation of Runyu City,Let those residents who have nowhere to go suffer countless so-called“Righteous man”persecution! I really thought that the Tawny Land and their […]

Start needle!

“Ancient medicine?” Middle-aged people only know,Young people are actually ancient doctors。 No wonder the tone and attitude are different! “All right,My life is saved!” Ling Feng got a few stitches,And then took away the silver needle。 Suddenly,The fat man vomited blood。 but,Breathing restored…… Such a magical scene,Stunned others。 just,Fang Yu left soon。 Do not intend to stay。 “did not expect……You […]

“Whatever you say。”Zheng Ye wanted to leave,Suddenly thought of something,Turned back and said,“I still don’t understand,Since you have deceived everyone,Even I have believed your amnesia,Why are you telling me all this now,It’s better for you to hide it。”

“You do not understand……”Her eyes started to drift,Looks a little unnatural,“I heard some information the last time I went out,,on……Forget it,It does not matter,Anyway, I have a hunch,The thing I don’t want to see happens……” She speaks slowly,Seems a little hesitating,Zheng Ye has never seen her show such a look,I really don’t know what major event she investigated。 Just when […]

“what?Why is this guy so drunk?”Li Tianchou also laughed blankly。

It’s lunch time,This time Wang Juan said nothing to let Li Tianchou go,I have to eat together。But the Daqi family,Li Tianchou had to stay。Lunch is easy,Oily Egg Noodles,Wang Juan prepared it this morning,Brought a big box,Cui Minmin took a few convenience boxes,Everyone divided,It’s delicious and delicious。 “Tianchou,Discuss something with you。”Daqi suddenly hesitated。 “Just say anything,Why are you polite with me。”Li […]

and,With more and more rocks in the forest、Gravel is adsorbed,The body of this stone fairy is getting bigger and bigger。

Not long,The stone fairy is like a heavy pavilion built of stones,Towering and strong,There is a terrible sense of power all over the body!! Saint Lion Zilong will soon be no match,I was beaten out by this steadily growing stone fairy ghost。 Pu Shiming sees something bad,He immediately called out a red dragon,Riding on Chilong’s back, he flew towards the […]

Such weak ghost,Not as good than ordinary people,They are more trendless, they will be afraid。

I am also on me.! Cherry dogs,抡 抡 手 手 身 身 群,Due to triggeringbuff,The combat power is three times that is normal.,Liao Wenjie has not understood what happened?,I was squeezed out of the pile of people.。 Ping Pong! A series of strokes,The scream of people in the pile changes suddenly,A group is holding his head:“Do not hit,it’s me,Don’t fight […]

Wait for these people to leave,Xia Jianli called Xiao Xiao,Let her personally supervise the drafting of the contract,Then bring someone here to sign,After all, this is a non-serious thing。

Xiao Xiao heard Xia Jian say this,Naturally very happy。She readily agreed to Xia Jian,She will bring Dragon Ball over to sign the contract the day after tomorrow。 Finish the call,Xia Jian went to Luo Yi’s office。Gave her a brief explanation of what happened just now。Luo Yi didn’t say much after listening,Just tell Xia Jian,Sign this contract,You have to do it […]

Fang Fang just saw this scene,She smiled and said:“President Xia worked hard,Struggle for another year or two,Buy a house in Bucheon,Pick up the uncle and aunt,Let them have a good rest”

Xia Jian smiled,No sound,Easy talk,He is a migrant worker,Dare to buy a house in Bucheon,Even Pingdu,He never thought。 After lunch,Fang Fang drove all night,So stay home and rest,Xia Jian went to the village committee alone。Early spring sunshine,Warm,Shine on people,Can’t help but get sleepy。 But in the office of the village committee,Zhao Hong dressed in clothes,Sitting at the desk writing and […]