If Zhao ignores the words that can be repaired at this time,It’s not a problem.,But now there is a gold wheel to resist,There is a Chu Deirers forced,Zhao ignored and only cold,Take a palm of Chu Deirers……

Chu Deirers don’t look,Directly greet,After the shoot, the reaction will be reacted.——It is a gold round.! A strength of ten no longer has a gold wheel,Directly by Chu Demen,Skull instant quartz fifty,Just the film is still,Take the same blown as a rotten watermelon,But it is taken“deflated”Go down,Blood faint obscencing,It’s not going to live.。 and“threw up”After the gold wheel,Zhao ignored Fu […]

“it’s wired,I clearly see……”

Thinking of poker magic on the cruise ship,Come to tears brightly,Kneeling in Liao Wenji,Four out。 She opened the bathrobe,It is still an endless……wrong,This time I still have a little harvest.。 “Big sister,Haven’t found yet??” “no,He is a very powerful magician,I guess the principle behind the magic.,May only know that the diamond is collected.。” Come back and forth,I don’t understand why […]

Even if he is thinking, can you persist for a month?。

But the words of Zhao Pengyu in the village today,But let him ignite hope。 “Ame,I don’t want to go to the county.,I am going to get to Lianhua Village.。” Liu Mei listened to Zhao Tiezhu,Immediately not happy。 “how? I want to do your fish to catch shrimp.? You have been working for so many years.,Have you elected money??” “Hey-hey,Isn’t that […]

“Oh no!People from the opposing team are almost at the center ruins!”Guo Yinzhe’s voice almost burst Feng Xichuan’s head in an instant,It seems that the Flower and Grass team is once again in crisis……

【This book was first published on the Zongzhong Chinese website,Please support genuine,Happy reading!】 ———— Chapter One Hundred and Sixty FlowersVSOscar(six) “Chuck chuck……Chuck chuck……” After the five members of the Flower and Grass team converge,Immediately faced the behind“Sand Guard”Double-teaming with the Oscar team not far from the exit。 “By now,I can only rush out to fight with them!”Feng Xichuan said。 “That […]

“open!From now on,This is the end of our relationship。Which Xia Fei,from now on,I don’t know her, Gu Yue”Gu Yue roared loudly,Shook off Chen Jing’s hand。

Chen Jing is also on fire,She yelled:“Gu Yue!What’s your bull?What qualifications do you have to say to us like this。I stopped Xia Jian,But people don’t want to see you again,You say i can do anything?” “Humph!Yes!I have no value available now,Why does he still see me?”Gu Yue roared loudly,What she said was obviously for Xia Jian。 Chen Jing took a […]

Xia Jian lay on the bed for a while,I can’t sleep anymore,He got up,Stood on the balcony and lookedTCountry scenery。

he comesTCountry is already the second day,Should I call Ma Yan??Xia Jian hesitated,So I picked up the hotel’s service phone。I hit the front desk first,Then he dialed to the phone of the Xiping Village Committee。 The phone was connected soon。Ma Yan’s cheerful voice came from inside:“Hello there!Xiping Village Committee,Who can I find?” “I’m looking for Ma Yanma, the village chief”Xia […]

The village in the city is very big,Connected by several pieces。The captain’s temporary rented cabin is in the opposite direction from Wang Po’s house,That piece of dwellings is denser,Although it is also tearing down the words on the wall,But there is no sign of construction。Hut General Iron Door,The captain doesn’t know where to go,I can only find Ah Jiu。

Just turned out of the alley,Suddenly, two half-and-five-year-old guys ran past Li Tianchou quickly,Tattered,I seem to be holding something in my arms。There is one more,Slightly smaller,Carrying the guy in his hand, chasing after him,Curse while running。 Li Tianchou heard the voice,Isn’t this a kid bug??He walked in front,Never thought that bed bugs were not scared,Roar in your mouth“Get out of […]

1190 leopard

Huang Zhiming hesitated for a while:“Already opened ten big,You can really open eleven such evil doors?” “I followed a handful。” “I also followed a handful of smaller ones。” “Although ten big ones were opened,But from my twenty years of experience in the casino,Nothing is Impossible,I’ve seen twenty big ones!” “it is good,I’ll follow,Lost is charity!” “……” A few of the […]

Chen Xiu also knew that he might be in trouble this time,But still shouting in dissatisfaction:“You don’t flash,I’m going to split on the altar!”

“You speak arrogantly,Is it my fault!” “Naturally your fault,Don’t you resist,Chop me obediently,As for the explosion?!” Chen Xiu babbled,Run away,I look back after a gap,I saw a black hole like a whirlpool appeared above the altar。 “Qingyun old ghost,What is that black hole?” Master Qingyun looked back,Happy face:“Teleport is on!”The whole person turned into a red shadow and galloped towards […]

Goddea army attacking the city sharp,Can not be injured。Obviously there is still,But there is no order to attack the city,Which high-altitude is to play??Luoyang has already got the hand,The Zhou Jun, the Zhou Jun in Hongnong City was blotting.,Gao Bo Yi is in a scruple?

Liang Shizhen’s brain flashed countless thought,But I don’t understand what medicine sold in the other gourd.。 …… “Leader,Why make the soldiers withdraw??” This battle is the command of Yang Su.,Does he do not feel that there is any problem?,Even if Gao Baoyi said that the impact of the weekly war martial art is not very good,Yang Su also doesn’t feel […]