“Hey!You are so humble,No one’s industry in this Wuying Town is as big as yours,You are the helm of the Qin family again,Calling you boss Qin is very reasonable”Xia Jian said with a smile and walked over。

Chun Dongsheng coughed twice and said:“There is a shit industry,Everything is nonsense,You can’t follow nonsense,The best one is your boss Jia,She is the richest man in Wuying Town” “I heard you drank one night of wine yesterday,Seems to have put the beautiful doctor to sleep?”Jia Lina asked with an unhappy face。 Xia Jian suddenly understood,Qin Dongsheng ran here to fan […]

Some villagers who responded quickly started talking,Everyone blamed Chen Xiaolan,The villagers were afraid that Xia Jian would be unhappy to go to another village to rent land。

At noon,In the barley,Several cars parked side by side,The car that pulled fast food from the city has returned。Guo Meili greets the staff,Delivered fast food to everyone。 Village Chief Chen led several villagers who participated in land surveying,They are eating box lunch,While talking about Chen Xiaolan’s unreasonableness。One of the villagers scolded:“She is divorced,Upset,So that’s why” Xia Jian listened for a […]

Hu Huiru heard what Xia Jian said,And followed Xia Jian’s topic:“I can’t hide anything from you。I know,You have time now,If you wait until the next year,I’m afraid to call you on a call like this”

“Consultant?!Just like you said,Asked after Gu。Is such that,I have a scenic forest planting base in Chenzhuang, Baishui Town,I have always neglected to manage this place,So I want you to visit” Hu Huiru goes around,Finally said her true intentions。of course,What Xia Jian did to her,Still know well。 Xia Jian has heard of this place,But he has never been。So he asked:“What do […]

Xia Jian asked to bring a chair over,He stood on the chair,Shout loudly:“You wronged us,The money given to you for 40,000 yuan per acre has already been called to the government designated account,You didn’t get the final payment,I really don’t blame us for this”

“You nonsense,The cadre in our village said that you never paid the balance”A young man shouted loudly。 Xia Jian raised his voice and shouted:“Now it doesn’t matter if we didn’t give you money,Or the township didn’t give you money,Since i’m here,I’ll take care of this,Until everyone gets the money, OK??” “Your words count?”Which old man asked。 Xia Jian patted his […]

Just when Li Ming’s mental power swept over one‘Little tail’Time,In a building dozens of miles away from Yanyi City,Several figures are talking。

That is a very majestic,A castle built with wood and stone。 And under the castle,There is a very wide hall,Although the hall is extremely dim,Ordinary people can’t see clearly—But at the moment in the hall,But there are eight great warriors,Cosmic powerhouse。 “Chief Zhang,This rally,Compared to you already invited‘That person’Bar。”A white-faced, middle-aged wealthy businessman dressed up said with a smile,But everyone […]

The three women suddenly laughed together。Cai Li made a pot of tea and brought it in。She poured tea for everyone,While asking:“What to eat everybody?If you don’t know, you can ask Xia Jian”

Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“Two cool and four hot,It’s best to cook。Stop drinking,To sing in a while and drink beer is essential,What do you think?” “OK! It’s best to have another small bowl of rice for each person。Worked for most of the day,I’m still hungry now”Xi Zhen said with a smile。Lin Wei nodded,Express agreement。 Guo Meili took […]

“Ugh,After all, it is too poor.,If you have money, you need these brains.,Direct 氪 就。”Liao Jie sighs,Take the iron sand palm and iron legs from the dark trough。

Later,He tried the rest of several cooperation,Such as iron leg work and water drift,For thinking to practice a tinkary leg。 fail! Iron sand pallets drift。 fail! After receiving several failures,Liao Jie is roughly understood,Wushu given by water drift and iron cloth,The grade is obviously high of the iron meridian martial arts to Guanwang.。 Think of this,He is more,Because Iron Brown […]

“Ledenka,How much did you get this month?”

“Nothing to live this month,Just those things sold last time,Altogether2000Ten thousand dollars。” “I am a mercenary,I’ve got it by desperately50Ten thousand dollars。” “how about you?You provided clues to this high tower village,You should have received a lot of rewards?” “Okay,Just provide clues to this village,There will be half a million dollars in the account。” “Plus other,A total of 1.2 million […]

The teenager was so ashamed to be scolded,It is impossible to be calm and concentrating even under such mood swings,Take a simple step and continue to explore,At the same time carefully recall the scene when he first realized that the fire spirit existed in his mind,And the dream in the cave before。

Fortunately,Huo Ling didn’t continue to curse,Or because of being too weak,Need to breathe,Or maybe it wants to give the teenager some time,In short,After silence,The teenager calmed down quickly,Entered into a state of selflessness in semi-meditation。 Where is the shrine?Juvenile has no idea,But before I knew it, I returned to the familiar scene in my dream,Magma and fire everywhere,Smoke and mist,The […]