“Stop it,This is your second master,You go down first。”Shadow God waved his hand,A mana cuts off coercion,Open road,“Go,Next time I have a chance, I’ll pass on your real shadow second sword。”

“Yes,Master!”Youth respectfully,Retreated。 “Wow~”The shadow god is really like a dark shadow,Appear on the top of Shanlan。 The top of the mountain,There are already two figures。 Together,Seem mundane,Its breath is mysterious and unfathomable。 Together,Sit cross-legged,On the surface of the body, a blue sword light appeared as sharp as the sky。 Salute Li Ming respectfully,Ying Tian Shen looked at Xiong Chu Tian […]

For such an idea,Cecilia also agrees。

Decided on the method,Wright also informed his relatives,Just in case,Is divided into three ways,Hair ball、Cecilia and Kuroko escorted all the way,Leaving the Puang Empire,Moving in is called‘Chaos collar’Area。 Wright set off for the Arctic ice field。 What Wright didn’t know was,A servant in the original residence,Secretly went to a dark church,Delivered a letter。 ” ———— Chapter 19 Wanghai City Dark […]

“Not malicious?Tiangong destroyed,The hope of the brothers is gone,Is this your kind intention?!”

Li Tianzhen looked back at the place where Tiangong once existed,Look at the gods on the beach in the distance,They may be in a daze,Or sit with your head,Of course there are also a few guys who are busy treating and peeping here。 “I’m not so kind。”Li Tianzhen smiled,“Are everyone alive now??” “At least three brothers fell in the fight […]

The old man was crying anxiously,And Jingpu is about to cry like a mother,I really can’t。

This suppresses this thing,How could I be?,I’m not a great god…… Immediately,Jingpu was also helpless: “I really can’t……The kind of thing you said,I have never heard of it。” Lingju on the side has not said a word from the beginning to now,Lingju has been thinking about this。 The curse of the Yunyao royal family was planted three thousand years ago,Seniors […]

Frankie took a deep breath,Then Leo said everything before digesting。

“You really intend to overthrow the world government?” “Correct!”Leo nodded。“You really need a government to manage the world well,But what is needed is not the current running dog government centered on the interests of the Tianlong people!” “it is good!I promise you,I’ll fuck with you later!”Frankie didn’t hesitate。 first,Leo is right,He doesn’t actually have much capital。 Second come,Before meeting Luffy,There […]

Tyrannosaurus Lei Cang directly killed the man who sold soul orbs,In front of the opponent is a general-level blood sickle dragon,The sharp front paws of the Blood Scythe Dragon slashed towards the Tyrannosaurus Thunder……

As a result, Tyrannosaurus Lei Cang did not even hide,I opened my fangs and bit down a piece of bloody dragon’s shoulder。 Blood is flowing out,The blood sickle dragon hurried away,And licked the scar on his shoulder with his long tongue,Want to use saliva to quickly relieve pain and stop bleeding。 But its blood,What oozes out is black。 Not only […]

Corner door wide open,The old patriarch leaves quickly,But the pace is actually heavier than when I came in、Stagnant,Two‘Tianzhenwei’Then staring at everyone,Until the old man walked through the back courtyard,They just left one after another。

After a short silence in the big house,The black and thin squinted old man stood up,“Everybody,Take some time,The old master has a deep misunderstanding,I’m afraid I’m confused,So tough,It’s better to discuss a countermeasure together。” The fat-eared middle-aged man immediately agreed,“What the fourth brother said is,The circulation of iron,Have always competed by strength,There has never been a precedent for being taken […]

When Han Tianshan’s words are finished,obviously,Those around,Already understand,What should I do next?。

But while looking in front of you,Wang Teng at this time,It’s very indifferent。 “Interesting,but now,Don’t worry about this for now。” “Now that the decision has been made,So let’s not talk about other things for now,Hands on!” Wang Teng finished,By his side,Those people look far away,Even more to say nothing,Hug directly。 slowly,In front of these people,Get ready,I plan to attack here […]

“You tell them clearly,According to their own level,And work attitude,The salary is different,High level,Take the students seriously,Relatively high income,Simultaneously,Zhang Siwei will use her social relationship,Arrange them to participate in some small performances,There will be an appearance fee,It can also bring them extra income。”

“Thus,They must be happy,Ok,I know。” “Wait some days later,More customers come to take wedding photos,We set up a wedding company,They can participate in the wedding performance,These can bring new income items。” Even Yang Yong was happy after listening,“That’s great。” “I want to sign a few stable‘artist’,Can sing and dance,Set up the training class,There are still one or two senior teachers […]

“shut up!”

Li Haiying and others are drawing their weapons,Shouted loudly:“Brother Six is now acting as Patriarch,How can you call Brother Six by name,Believe it or not, I’ll cut you off now!” Li Haibao and several people saw that they had turned against the wall and grass that supported their eldest brother.,More than 30 people surrounded themselves,I dare not speak,Had to whisper:“Decree。” […]