In fact,That obsession is an excessive narcissism,The kind of perfection he is looking for,It’s just my reflection,Only his own reflection can fit all the perfection he seeks。

However, there are no two identical people in the world,That kind of pursuit is destined to be a fantasy。 Excessive narcissism and obsession is a disease,But he can only manage to treat it by himself。 Healed myself,Chen Wenjin dared to start a family。 And look at the answer that time gave him,The future marriage in my memory is well maintained,As […]

“Sorry,I might disappoint you,in fact,I am an alien from a distant gray planet,Due to a war,My spaceship fell into the cliff together,Where i got lucky。”Ye Xingkong helped Chen Limu sit down,Take it easy。

“Alien planet into earth,So it’s true?”Chen Limu doubts,Then asked:“What happened next?” Ye Xingkong just wanted to tell her roughly,But one thing is certain,Chen Limu was not shocked because he was an alien、panic。 “soon,I met your son Ke Lan。”Ye Xingkong continued。 “what?!”Chen Limu stood up when he heard this bounce。Hold the arm of the chair tightly。 Ye Xingkong walked over and […]

“front、Just turn right in front。Crowded,No parking space in the community,Just stop there on the side of the road,Correct,Right here。”Pierced out of the car,Help watch the distance of the wheel near the roadside,I saw that the eyes of the people who were passing by were focused on the car,Can’t help but feel proud。“The distance is right,Shuai Wang, your driving skills are really good!”

Chen Wenjin glanced at the roadside after getting off the car,Did not speak。 Wang Shuai glanced at the roadside,Then hold back、No smile。The location is obviously too far away,But he is too lazy to move。 The house rented by Ear Hole is a dormitory shared by some units in the past,Small balcony with kitchen toilet,Living room and bedroom integration,Which is the […]

It doesn’t matter if we can’t get the top three in the Grand Prix,Before the committee50The names of the manufacturers are announced,At that time, the money will still be a lot。”

Did you go for the top three??What a joke! But these words don’t need to be said to Bob,Chen Gengdao:“I know all this,I mean,If we plan to do car modification business,Our technical force is not enough……” “give it to me!” Without waiting for Chen Geng to finish,Bob slapped his chest and vowed to Chen Geng:“boss,You can leave it to me […]

Seeing Zhang Yunsheng didn’t respond,Qin Feng frowned,“Zhang Yunsheng,I don’t have time to spend with you,I have a bad temper,Now give you 30 seconds to organize the language,If you don’t think about how to answer me,You can go meet Lao Zhang。”

Hear words,Zhang Yunsheng is extremely painful,At this time, he is suffering mentally。of course,He is also beginning to consider the gains and losses between saying and not saying。 “All right,Thirty seconds is up,Are you sure??It’s ok,Big deal, I will spend some time investigating,Then,You go see the king!” Saying that there is a sharp iron piece in Qingfeng’s hand,As long as he […]

A plan that took so long,Naturally won’t let it fall short。I don’t want to be an enemy of Zhu’s family,But some things,Still need to explain clearly。

Step into Zhu’s banquet hall,No lack of courtesy for the elders,Li Tianxing thought,The Zhu family may not lightly exclude the performer Ye because of his name,But because of my name,Find some reason,Refusal to pay Ye Qing’s fee,Confident about this,Li Tianxing still has。 Everything is the same as Li Tianxing planned on the road,Until I met Zhu Ruzhi,After giving him birthday,Everything […]

“Agree to enable advanced management permissions。”Lu Menglin answered without hesitation。

Ding!I only heard a crisp sound in my mind。 immediately,A beautiful girl appeared in front of Lu Menglin,Wearing a white tutu,There are small red leather shoes under my feet,A pair of big eyes are shining,Like a star。 “What the hell?What the hell is this?”Lu Menglin was shocked,Surprised。 The girl who is so beautiful that she doesn’t look like a human […]

After a brief discussion, I learned,This tall girl is called Lin Ling,From northeast,The girl in the red skirt is called Qiu Xueyun,From Jiangsu and Zhejiang,The two roommates with them, Chang Limin and Zhang Jiaqi, are both Cantonese,Well-behaved,But it’s really general in terms of appearance。

I didn’t expect Xu Ling to guess it,The beauty of the law major is really that way。 402Among the four in the dormitory,Except Zhu Xiaoguang and Liu Taosheng are extremely enthusiastic,Along the way, apart from talking, learning and singing,Lu Menglin and Zhang Bo both seemed very relaxed,I didn’t take this scene too seriously。 The boys and girls in the two […]