but,These mutant wasps soon discovered that this was a dead prey,No vital signs,So they buzzed in midair again。

And at the moment,Has reduced body heat,The whole body even exudes a chilly Maosen,Has rushed to the ground in front of the boar carcass。 The mutant wasps in mid-air did not attack him,Because they don’t sense biological heat,And most of their attention has been attracted by He Bu ahead。 The long knife in Hebu’s hand dances impenetrably,And every cut out,All […]

Hu Yang thought for a while:“Or,Go to the Oriental Antique City!”

After setting the destination,Everyone should go back to rest first,Raising elites。 in fact,Where to go,Populus does not matter,Come out this time anyway,The harvest is big enough。Next,Just play around,Just put together live content。 now,The amount of attention in the live broadcast room reached 160,000,Distance of two hundred thousand,It’s only 40,000。Populus is confident,Completed within a week,See through eyes。 after,Giving benefits,Still have to […]

Grandpa will watch you get married,Watching you have a cute baby,Will never leave you,Do you understand?”

Su Ran couldn’t help it anymore,Then shed tears,But quickly wiped it off,said laughingly:“Grandpa i know,You won’t leave me,You have been spoiling me for so many years。 As long as I have said, you will definitely agree,And never broke my faith,So this time I also believe that grandpa must be fine,Just got a little sick。 Besides, I will surely make those […]

Persimmon trees are planted in front of every house,Crimson Persimmon,Like a tree of flame,Hanging on a branch,Each one looks like a small lantern,Proudly displayed in front of you,Maybe the villagers are used to it,Not surprising,It turns out that the fruits that people like in the city are like this,Once the mystery is lifted, it feels nothing。

The heavy fruit of the persimmon tree,Adults and children pass by,Proved that things are rare,But the persimmons here are probably not so rare。 Ye Xingkong can’t help but sigh this phenomenon。 Ye Xingkong parked the car aside,Watching these delicate fruits intently,Ripe red,Unparalleled beauty。 I heard an old woman shouting hoarsely:“Young man,Want to eat persimmon,Pick、Pick it up,We haven’t returned to our […]

Overall function,Xiao Xiao thought about Chen Wenjin playing alone at home,watch movie,Console game,Computer games are his needs,Otherwise, drink water and read a book in a well-lit area on the balcony,In addition to these are bathing and sleeping,And Chen Wenjin takes a slow bath,Like to soak in water,The toilet is very important;The rest just need to consider the two of them drinking together,listen to music、dancing,to chat with。

So this two-bedroom apartment was renovated so seriously unconventional,Kitchen is gone,The bathroom is bigger than the original bedroom,Only the living room is barely a living room。If the landlord takes a look,I’m afraid I would sell the house on the spot。 Xiao Xiao pointed to some places and said:“Still lack of furniture,See Chen Wenjin needs to be customized,Don’t worry。” Xiao Gao […]

“of course!How can fruit trees not be pesticides?what……”

Not finished yet,Millhouse was already annoyed。 He finally understood what was the biggest problem in his health center:As a health center that is positioned to serve high-end people,The first issue is environmental protection,But I used my brain to build this recuperation center in an orchard,Is this for fear that the rich people who come to recuperate don’t eat enough toxins?? […]

This may be called brotherhood,One is desperate to save his brother,The other is to gather strength before dying to send my brother away,Really moved him。

It’s a pity that the relationship between him and his younger brother is not so good anymore,If one day,He was seriously injured and dying,I’m afraid that his younger brother Shen Gongbao can laugh for three days and three nights beside him,What desperate to save him?That’s impossible,Shen Gongbao will only hurt him。 ———— Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty Four The real […]

“Maybe this is a thousand faces,I used to hear the Monkey King group members scolding the Buddha Tathagata who suppressed him for 500 years,The Buddha Tathagata I saw today,What you say and do,Are very admirable。”

Jingtian said with a smile,When the three of them were chatting,He and Nezha can always hear Monkey King scolding the Tathagata who has lost his soul,Now I see this parallel world of Buddha Tathagata,But Sedum is an eye-opener。 Presumably, Sun Wukong will also have a thousand faces with emotion,Although it is a parallel world,But in the end it’s just two […]

But here,I want to praise Comrade Wang Xiaodong from Xifei……”

———————————— PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。 The army is a violent machine to defend the country,If you can’t perform the function of defending your home,That country spends huge amounts of military expenditure to raise an army every year,What’s the use? But the problem is back to the beginning:Face this new mode of war,How can we fight to win? “Why […]