The big man’s face changed,Seems to want to say something。

“Brother Qin Feng。”Liu Shiwen that little girl jumped and ran behind the big man。 Liu Shiwen“You let me go。” The big man consciously stepped aside。 Qin Feng looked at Liu Shiwen,This girl does not look like a little sister now,Like my sister next door,Although the temperament in the bone is still there,But it still looks pleasing to the eye。 Liu […]

Units in the petrochemical system will have a hard time?I’m afraid no one would believe this,Petrochemical industry,Among China’s state-owned enterprises,Also tobacco、Salt and other nationally controlled and absolutely monopolized units can be compared with the petrochemical system,But even so,Tobacco and Yan can’t be compared with petrochemical industry——People’s petrochemical system has a lot of foreign exchange in their hands。

we all know,in1993Years ago,China is also a net exporter of crude oil,Since it is exporting crude oil,Then you will naturally earn back dollars,Although in theory, the US dollars earned by the petrochemical system must be turned over to the state,But theory is only theory after all,The long-term worker of the landlord’s family comes to the time of the festival,The landlord […]

“My dad told me,You can go to my dad to settle the account。”

Qin Liang answered eagerly。 “puff……Isn’t this asking me to die??Your father is so good,He can just slap me in the air, okay?I dare to settle accounts with him?Why are you so serious?” Shen Ruoxi replied dumbly。 “You think too much,No matter how good my dad is, he can’t do anything to you,Such a beautiful daughter-in-law,I can’t find it with a […]

George looked through the plan,Page by page,Look very carefully。suddenly,Slumped mouth,A very“Diaosi”Emoji,And frown。Every businessman,It’s my turn to pay for it,More or less“Plan carefully”、Will appear“stingy”。

George finally speaks,Like after careful consideration,Very professional consultation:“I’m thinking,I just throw in2000Ten thousand,To buy new media operations and publicity services,What do you think you can do for us,Is it worth the price,I want to hear Mr. Xu’s views on the plan?”Finished,Looking straight at Xuchang。 Xuchang is not afraid,Vigorously defendXtAdvantages of network technology,Explain the reason for the value for money,He spit […]

Speak with conscience,He is a very human boss, OK??

The remaining files are not particularly anxious,Then deal with it tomorrow,Computer shutdown,Put the laptop in the bag,Picking up the car keys and leaving for get off work,Phone rang。 The name displayed on the screen gave him a headache,Scratch away,Faint words with a hint of impatience,“Miss Lu,Any instructions?” Lu Xin thought he wouldn’t answer the phone,I didn’t expect to be picked […]

“Humph!”Xiongba didn’t say much,But snorted uncomfortably。

He knows Tony is an ordinary person,But there’s no way the opponent has the so-called high-tech manufacturing armor,You can hang him with that thing。 “All right,Stop arguing between you two,Everyone can gather together,It’s all fate,Should learn from each other and help,What’s the use of arguing?” At this time,Shen Ziyao, who has been diving and watching the screen, still chooses to […]

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Six Xiao Wang

“Yes,You girls need protection,Jin and Wang Shuai are just right to protect you。”The tank did not intend to let Wang Shuai participate in the melee,But let Wang Shuai protect it alone……Wang Shuai needs someone to take care of him,And the people who came today are tanks they know,The tank must not be behind,Chen Wenjin is suitable。 “Ok!Then talk to everyone,I […]

He helped Chrysler、The products designed by Ford are already so good,The design for yourself can’t be worse than the design for others.?Normal logic should be better。

If it is a better design,It’s the best to use it directly,But for insurance,Hesitated,Kume asked whether he was aspirational or cautiously:“I know you can’t ask too detailed things right now,But can you give me a brief description of the basic parameters of this car?” “of course,”Chen Geng nodded:“This is a positioning similar to‘family’Mid-size car,But considering the actual situation of China,The […]

The other leaders of the delegation nodded consciously,It’s all shocking in my eyes:The helicopter can be so big?!Americans are so amazing!

It’s no wonder everyone thinks like this,The helicopter in front of me is really too big:Rotor diameter21.95Meter,Tail rotor diameter4.88Meter,Body length26.97Meter,Height7.75Meter。If you make an analogy,Probably equivalent to a house that can be seen everywhere in China、Three-unit two-story red brick residential building……And a little bit higher。 Grabbing a three-unit two-story residential building“hair”Fly vertically,You said how exaggerated the performance of this aircraft、So awesome?It […]

“Give away?”Xin Zhao couldn’t help but ask。

Populus shook his head:“A buddy in the live broadcast room,Help him take a picture,Not what i want。” Zhou Xing speechless,Secretly think:You are too brave。People on the network,You can also donate more than 1 million to help? therefore,Although many people gave up the competition because of one million,But the scene was calm for a while,Someone continues to follow the price:“One hundred […]