2 gevallen van nieuwe coronaire pneumonie bleken geen symptoominfectie te hebben

  Daily Network Dongguan van mensen 14 december (Chen Yongzhu) Op 14 december in Nucleic Acid Detection werden twee gevallen van nieuwe coronaire pneumonie ontdekt. Silent infectie 1, man, 33 jaar oud, woont nu in Yingfeng Jiun Street, Dalang Town, Dongguan City, terug naar Wan, 5 december, 13 december, NG, Nucleutes, Pneumon, Nucleic Acid, Positive, Dongguan Disease Control is positief in […]

2020 China Innovation Index shows that my country’s innovation capacity and level continue to improve

The National Bureau of Statistics released the 2020 China Innovation Index today (October 29).The data shows that in 2020, China’s innovation index reached, grew than the previous year, and continued to improve innovation capabilities and levels. Specifically, in 2020, my country’s research and experimental development funds were investd by hundreds of millions, grew a total of two years over the […]

2021 Yueyang City, Yueyang County institutions Recruitment Examination second interpretation bulletin

  2021 Yueyang City, Yueyang County Second Reading institutions recruitment examination announcement "," was released November 19, 2021, 2021 Second Reading institutions recruitment examination announcement Yueyang County Yueyang City as follows: 2021 Yueyang City, Yueyang County, the second institution recruitment conditions 1. have the nationality of People’s Republic of China; People’s Republic of China to comply with the Constitution and laws, […]

Deskundigen zijn hete bespreking van de vergrijzing van de bevolking: preventie Eerste Guardian Middelbare leeftijd Gezondheid

  People’s Network Beijing 9 maart (Reporter BI LEI) Onlangs, de 2021 National Second Session "Healthy Chinese" Series Round Table Forum werd gehouden in Beijing door People’s Network · Gezondheid van mensen. Sinds 2016 zijn de reeks ronde tafelforums continu zes keer gehouden. Op 5 maart, in het thema van "Healthy China Prevention First" Middle-Aged Disease Preventieve Special Fork, de gasten […]

Article 4 of the newly revised Trademark Law stipulates how to coordinate with the "withdrawal three" system?

Original title: Article 4 of the newly revised Trademark Law stipulates how to coordinate with the "withdrawal three" system?On April 23, 2019, the tenth meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress was reviewed through "decision on the revision of the" Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China ". The fourth revision conducted by my country […]

Shangji County to 120,000 Mountain Park Second-Level Highway

Original title: Shangji County to 120,000 Mountain Park Second-level highway opened on July 1, Shangji County held the second-level road of the county to 100,000 mountains National Forest Park. The total investment of the second-level road in the middle of the county town to 100,000 mountains, the total number of lines of the line, 12 meters wide, the design speed […]

Solve the people around the people

This newspaper wait (Reporter / Guan Linhua correspondent / Liang people) "I have an inconvenience in the weekdays, I am very difficult to see a doctor. I am very grateful to the volunteers to give me a health check, I feel very warm. "On November 13th, the residential rural residents of Longyan Community in Tianxian County said. On the same […]

Tibet District Blind Massage Job Skills Improvement Training Course

  The picture shows the teaching teacher on-site teaching. Zhao Lang photo is held in Lhasa on the 13th.   This training invited 7 experts in Qinghai Province to enter the Tibet, Shen Chengqing, deputy director of the Persons’ Employment Service Center of Qinghai Province, said that the blind medical care and health care business is an important part of promoting blind […]