The second thing is to visit the fifth family member,Facial comfort is a must,To show other brothers。Last time Chen Bin had an accident,Sun Guaizi did not show up,Assign Shen Ming to let go,On the one hand to avoid suspicion,Chen Bin was watched too closely by the police,The second is that he really hates this fourth child in his heart。

But Sun Guaizi knows very well,Brothers don’t say on the surface,But there must be a lot of opinions behind the scenes,Now push people to oppose everyone,I have to say that this boss failed。We must seize this opportunity to regain our hearts,Even if everyone can’t be a cannon fodder, don’t make trouble with the knife behind。 Suddenly, Sun Kuaizi found out […]

Half an hour later。

“Not working” The entire sword field turns into a totem pole,Directly crushed with unmatched strength。 In the surprised eyes of Babata,C5There are also a lot of cracks in the metal target。 Three days later。 The dark golden long stick in Li Ming’s hand instantly seemed to be transformed into the sun。A lot of golden light burst away。It’s close enough to […]

“I think it’s a bit more than this,You go fast,I can’t keep up“Zhao Chunling said,Took a breath。

Xia Jian thought for a while and wanted to ask her:“You said they found us missing,Where do you usually chase?“ “Do you still want to ask this??You must take a bus to the train station,They must have gone to the bus station now“Zhao Chunling said without thinking。 Xia Jian thought about it and said loudly:“Everyone hold on for a while,Waited […]

When Han Tianshan’s words are finished,obviously,Those around,Already understand,What should I do next?。

But while looking in front of you,Wang Teng at this time,It’s very indifferent。 “Interesting,but now,Don’t worry about this for now。” “Now that the decision has been made,So let’s not talk about other things for now,Hands on!” Wang Teng finished,By his side,Those people look far away,Even more to say nothing,Hug directly。 slowly,In front of these people,Get ready,I plan to attack here […]

“The distance to the pupil hall opens,There are more than two million years。We will release the news now,Also released the trial tower in advance to let them go。”Master Yuanyu made a decision。

Four other Taoists,Naturally there is no objection,Set it right now。 quickly,Just half a year,A message began to circulate in the world of Tianqiongzong。 Two million years later,The world powers in the Tianqiong Sect will select three of the most top figures,Have a fight。 If you win,Every world will get a huge reward,The hope of stepping into Daojun has also greatly […]

See the warlord of the Golden Triangle so arrogant,Even the old ship king said he killed him,For a time,The dignitaries in the audience trembled with fright,Dare not breathe。

At this moment,Many people present suddenly thought,Although everyone is telling about Mr. Lu,Young Dezhi,Suppress Hong Kong Island,But that person didn’t actually do any specific evil,As long as it’s not like the Bao family,Deliberately provoke him,He never picks things up。 It’s like Sommeron,And this Liu Niu’er,These talents are really evil people,Act without fear,Kill whoever you want! “Lord,What about the rest of […]

“Maybe this is a thousand faces,I used to hear the Monkey King group members scolding the Buddha Tathagata who suppressed him for 500 years,The Buddha Tathagata I saw today,What you say and do,Are very admirable。”

Jingtian said with a smile,When the three of them were chatting,He and Nezha can always hear Monkey King scolding the Tathagata who has lost his soul,Now I see this parallel world of Buddha Tathagata,But Sedum is an eye-opener。 Presumably, Sun Wukong will also have a thousand faces with emotion,Although it is a parallel world,But in the end it’s just two […]

Now Qin Feng has already told the story,If he returns the chain here,That’s really brain-dead。

Everything is to look good。 While eating,Qin Feng also slowly stated his goal:“Do you know the student factory?” “what?”Gao Xiaofang also asked a little dumbfounded:“what is that?” “Is our famous place,I am preparing two modes,One model is similar to there,I’m targeting ordinary people,Just those scumbags。” No matter what they were like before,But now we have enough resources for them,Which one […]

“OK,”Helen did not hesitate、Without hesitation:“I am very happy to be that gentleman’s personal assistant,I promise that I can use what I have learned,Assist the gentleman to handle all the trivial matters of work and life perfectly。”

“well,”Rosemary smiled,This Helen is a smart woman,Knowing that when the opportunity comes, there is no hesitation:“But can you join the job,Depends on the boss,and so……” “I am here,Waiting for your instructions。” This woman,She is a smart woman。 …………………… Down a banquet,Chen Gengjiu drank a lot,Detroit’s local wealthy also know several,After knowing the identity of Chen Geng,These wealthy Detroit people without […]