And at the same time,The high priest is also observing this junior。Relative Wright doesn’t know much about the high priest,The high priest knew Wright,Cromwell also asked her to help Wright。

And the speed of Wright becoming a god,It also made her heart tremble。She was very talented back then,Elected as the saint of the temple of life,Countless resources,There are many teachings in the sanctuary,Step into the sanctuary less than a hundred years old,It took three thousand years to become a god。And the young man in front of you,Also become a god,But […]

Especially the skin is actually recovered quickly.。

“Li Li Xiaowei,What is your technique?? It is also amazing.?” Original Zhao Xiaoling wants to call Li Hui Li Boss,But I thought that the other side was called a sister.,She naturally has changed the name.。 “Hey-hey,Nothing magical,It is some of the techniques of Chinese medicine.,You eat first,I put the gold needle.。” Li Hui is coming back again.,I have been blocked […]

This is the big lace,Li Da,Just jumping out, saying that you are Gao Bo Yi,No one will believe。

“Humph!” Duan Yue snorted,Turned and shot, returned to the rear of the big array,Then stand quietly on a box of two floors.,Enemy array looking at the river。 Be good at learning to the opponent,This is the necessary quality of an excellent commander。 Duan Zhao can’t make the six towns in Xianbi boxing car round array,But get a high platform to […]

I saw densely packed、All kinds of sea monsters flying out from the surface of the South China Sea or ejected,Or crawl out quickly。

Ocean Warcraft,Ten times more terrifying than the monsters on the mainland!First, the number is extremely large。The second is the weird strength。Humans have far less knowledge of marine warcraft than the warcraft on the mainland。 Wright glanced across,Like a giant crab,Spouting bubbles,It’s just as big as a sunspot,A pair of big tongs can defeat a group of fighters with a swipe。 […]

Although each of their monsters is priced at one billion,But the minimum profit from the Tianlong people is at least 2 billion。

The market price of Life Essence is too far from the actual price。 As for not posting a higher reward,to be frank,For the strong,Money is not important at all,Too much meaningless。 The only people who can be attracted by money are those who are strong or below.。 They are the most existence in the sea,More people and more news。 “Green […]

Some villagers who responded quickly started talking,Everyone blamed Chen Xiaolan,The villagers were afraid that Xia Jian would be unhappy to go to another village to rent land。

At noon,In the barley,Several cars parked side by side,The car that pulled fast food from the city has returned。Guo Meili greets the staff,Delivered fast food to everyone。 Village Chief Chen led several villagers who participated in land surveying,They are eating box lunch,While talking about Chen Xiaolan’s unreasonableness。One of the villagers scolded:“She is divorced,Upset,So that’s why” Xia Jian listened for a […]

Fang Yu asked。

Fang Yu can make money now by treating illnesses,No need to sell the prescription。 If sold,Others want to use,I’m afraid it’s not that easy! Hu Yili has a good idea,But it’s not what Fang Yu wanted! ———— First89chapter forget it! “This is not a question of money!If you take out the prescription,Can help many people……Many people don’t want to lie […]

The second thing is to visit the fifth family member,Facial comfort is a must,To show other brothers。Last time Chen Bin had an accident,Sun Guaizi did not show up,Assign Shen Ming to let go,On the one hand to avoid suspicion,Chen Bin was watched too closely by the police,The second is that he really hates this fourth child in his heart。

But Sun Guaizi knows very well,Brothers don’t say on the surface,But there must be a lot of opinions behind the scenes,Now push people to oppose everyone,I have to say that this boss failed。We must seize this opportunity to regain our hearts,Even if everyone can’t be a cannon fodder, don’t make trouble with the knife behind。 Suddenly, Sun Kuaizi found out […]

Half an hour later。

“Not working” The entire sword field turns into a totem pole,Directly crushed with unmatched strength。 In the surprised eyes of Babata,C5There are also a lot of cracks in the metal target。 Three days later。 The dark golden long stick in Li Ming’s hand instantly seemed to be transformed into the sun。A lot of golden light burst away。It’s close enough to […]

“I think it’s a bit more than this,You go fast,I can’t keep up“Zhao Chunling said,Took a breath。

Xia Jian thought for a while and wanted to ask her:“You said they found us missing,Where do you usually chase?“ “Do you still want to ask this??You must take a bus to the train station,They must have gone to the bus station now“Zhao Chunling said without thinking。 Xia Jian thought about it and said loudly:“Everyone hold on for a while,Waited […]