Zheng Ye holding a gun,Shut up and stop talking,He can only choose to be silent,He has no right to blame Shi Muluo for his actions,He doesn’t have a virgin heart,After all, I’m doing a lot in this business,It’s common to see someone die in front of you to protect yourself,It’s just that his conscience hasn’t been wiped out yet,I feel a little uncomfortable。

“See Qi Xianwei, do you know what to say??”Shi Muluo said while organizing the scene,Reinforcements are coming soon,She must use this time to clean up the scene。 Zheng Ye nodded without speaking。 “Forget it,I did what I said。”Shi Muluo thought about it,Still decided to put“Confession”Arranged,Otherwise, it will be broken if there is a deviation,“You push me for a walk,Accidental attack,Qi […]

“shut up!”

Li Haiying and others are drawing their weapons,Shouted loudly:“Brother Six is now acting as Patriarch,How can you call Brother Six by name,Believe it or not, I’ll cut you off now!” Li Haibao and several people saw that they had turned against the wall and grass that supported their eldest brother.,More than 30 people surrounded themselves,I dare not speak,Had to whisper:“Decree。” […]

I was still practicing the domineering Green New and my body suddenly stiffened,Suddenly this domineering is not fun。

Green Bull looks at Leo,Eyes full of sadness:“Woo,Woo woo!” Leo couldn’t help but smile:“I’m not making fun of you,But to cheer you up from the side!” At this stage,Green Bull can’t keep up with him,Whether it’s life level or domineering practice,It’s much slower than Leo。 “Devil fruit!”Leo felt a little pressure in his heart。 As the first person he recognized,The […]

It doesn’t matter if we can’t get the top three in the Grand Prix,Before the committee50The names of the manufacturers are announced,At that time, the money will still be a lot。”

Did you go for the top three??What a joke! But these words don’t need to be said to Bob,Chen Gengdao:“I know all this,I mean,If we plan to do car modification business,Our technical force is not enough……” “give it to me!” Without waiting for Chen Geng to finish,Bob slapped his chest and vowed to Chen Geng:“boss,You can leave it to me […]

but,These mutant wasps soon discovered that this was a dead prey,No vital signs,So they buzzed in midair again。

And at the moment,Has reduced body heat,The whole body even exudes a chilly Maosen,Has rushed to the ground in front of the boar carcass。 The mutant wasps in mid-air did not attack him,Because they don’t sense biological heat,And most of their attention has been attracted by He Bu ahead。 The long knife in Hebu’s hand dances impenetrably,And every cut out,All […]

Persimmon trees are planted in front of every house,Crimson Persimmon,Like a tree of flame,Hanging on a branch,Each one looks like a small lantern,Proudly displayed in front of you,Maybe the villagers are used to it,Not surprising,It turns out that the fruits that people like in the city are like this,Once the mystery is lifted, it feels nothing。

The heavy fruit of the persimmon tree,Adults and children pass by,Proved that things are rare,But the persimmons here are probably not so rare。 Ye Xingkong can’t help but sigh this phenomenon。 Ye Xingkong parked the car aside,Watching these delicate fruits intently,Ripe red,Unparalleled beauty。 I heard an old woman shouting hoarsely:“Young man,Want to eat persimmon,Pick、Pick it up,We haven’t returned to our […]

“Elder Huang,Long time no see,Still looks mighty,Full of energy!”Xia Chenglong also answered jokingly。

at that time,This elder Huang takes good care of him,And gave himself his own training platform。 This kindness will naturally not be forgotten。 When Xia Chenglong took off her black robe,Everyone was motionless in shock。 This,How can this be? It turned out that they were a young man of the same age,But the gap between them is too big, right! […]

If so。

I should be the goal of the Brotherhood! What is the purpose of the brotherhood for me to do this? If it’s just to hit me,Is this a waste of time?? In fact, with the ability of the Brotherhood,There are more and more effective ways。 I don’t think it’s to fight,But to let me do something according to their delineated […]

The other leaders of the delegation nodded consciously,It’s all shocking in my eyes:The helicopter can be so big?!Americans are so amazing!

It’s no wonder everyone thinks like this,The helicopter in front of me is really too big:Rotor diameter21.95Meter,Tail rotor diameter4.88Meter,Body length26.97Meter,Height7.75Meter。If you make an analogy,Probably equivalent to a house that can be seen everywhere in China、Three-unit two-story red brick residential building……And a little bit higher。 Grabbing a three-unit two-story residential building“hair”Fly vertically,You said how exaggerated the performance of this aircraft、So awesome?It […]