“Shan Taoist!”

Zhang Shan,Just listen to the name and you know it is just an offshoot of the Zhang family。 Talented,That year and‘Buddha knife’Is an era,Even geniuses put together。 but,At least superficially,He is not liked by Zhang’s ancestors。 Like the patriarch Meng is not happy‘Buddha knife’general。 “The ancestors must support the family after all,Saito can only be sincerely convinced in name。” “But […]

1190 leopard

Huang Zhiming hesitated for a while:“Already opened ten big,You can really open eleven such evil doors?” “I followed a handful。” “I also followed a handful of smaller ones。” “Although ten big ones were opened,But from my twenty years of experience in the casino,Nothing is Impossible,I’ve seen twenty big ones!” “it is good,I’ll follow,Lost is charity!” “……” A few of the […]

Xu Wen and Shen Yingjie walked out of the valley exhausted、When I came to the beach,It’s getting dark,The blue Honda off-road vehicle of Zhang Wenda in the distance is still quietly parked there。

Nobody in the car,No trace of movement,Obviously Zhang Wenda and his wife will never come back,Shen Yingjie’s mood is even darker,There is an unspeakable emotion,I subconsciously hope that these two people have not been swallowed by the black mist,But this kind of hope is almost impossible。 “Go behind that soil bag。”Xu Wen observed for a long time,Can only barely find […]

Old Gong scratched his head embarrassedly and said:“I can’t help you live here,When I came to live with relatives,Secondly, this relative doesn’t usually give me money,Did not check out until the end of the year“

“Okay, old Gong,You have helped me a lot,Stop talking,Hurry back!I have to get up early to work tomorrow morning“Xia Jian interrupted Lao Gong,Push him away,It’s nice to have this fellow,Xia Jian felt very relaxed。 Old Gong smiled,Just turned a step,Stopped again and said:“You leaned the car against the wall,The wind in Taohe is very strong this night,Beware of cold“Watching Lao […]

While Li Ming regressed,Fuming and Murong deceive themselves,With Li Mingzhan,Sparks。

“hateful,Fight like this,The loser must be me,Murong Fu’s attack was too harsh,And this perverted kid helps him,Must find a chance to get out” “Attribute warfare,Earth snake churn”The snake condensed from soil for a while rushed towards the Fuming two,The two immediately left the attack range,But after the attack disappears,Li Ming is missing。 “hateful,Let him run!”Murong Fu angrily said。 “Forget it,Run […]

“Hey!You are so humble,No one’s industry in this Wuying Town is as big as yours,You are the helm of the Qin family again,Calling you boss Qin is very reasonable”Xia Jian said with a smile and walked over。

Chun Dongsheng coughed twice and said:“There is a shit industry,Everything is nonsense,You can’t follow nonsense,The best one is your boss Jia,She is the richest man in Wuying Town” “I heard you drank one night of wine yesterday,Seems to have put the beautiful doctor to sleep?”Jia Lina asked with an unhappy face。 Xia Jian suddenly understood,Qin Dongsheng ran here to fan […]

If Chen Xiu is lucky,,Can you choose a good family to settle down when you reborn?。

Some people want to go to Paris all their lives,I want to go to Paris to see the plane tree,But some people were born in Paris,And in ParisNSet of villas…… Reincarnation is also a technical job。 Chen Xiu is obviously not such a lucky person。 “Ersao,Location?” While Li Yingying is thinking,A loud noise broke her thoughts,Look around,I saw three sluggish […]

Yao Junli took a breath and said:“Met some big bosses,Said to be together tonight,The premise is that you can bring your family。If i bring you on,Will save a lot of trouble。do you understand me?”Yao Junli said,It meant to glance at Xia Jian。

Xia Jian muttered silently:“Save trouble?”He suddenly realized,It turned out to be such a thing。 “OK!Don’t you just act as your boyfriendsure!Anyway, this is the provincial capital,I won’t be here a few times in my life。Moreover,Except you,No acquaintance”Xia Jian laughed and said。 Yao Junli took a breath and said:“Well!More than two hours left,You just rest on my bed,I go to the […]

Zheng Ye holding a gun,Shut up and stop talking,He can only choose to be silent,He has no right to blame Shi Muluo for his actions,He doesn’t have a virgin heart,After all, I’m doing a lot in this business,It’s common to see someone die in front of you to protect yourself,It’s just that his conscience hasn’t been wiped out yet,I feel a little uncomfortable。

“See Qi Xianwei, do you know what to say??”Shi Muluo said while organizing the scene,Reinforcements are coming soon,She must use this time to clean up the scene。 Zheng Ye nodded without speaking。 “Forget it,I did what I said。”Shi Muluo thought about it,Still decided to put“Confession”Arranged,Otherwise, it will be broken if there is a deviation,“You push me for a walk,Accidental attack,Qi […]