Feng Yan also wanted to put something out of Wang Youcai’s mouth,But this guy’s head crooked,Fell asleep on the sofa。After a while, he snored。This is really a big fat pig,Can eat and sleep。

Feng Yan quickly cleaned up the leftovers on the coffee table,Only then did my best,Helped Wang Youcai on the bed。she knows,People who drink too much,Never catch a cold。 Covered Wang Youshen with a quilt,Feng Yan, who was a little unable to sleep, poured a glass of water and sat on the sofa,When she was thinking about how to do it。Suddenly […]

“Hahahaha!Mayor Wang,You do have this ability。Don’t forget,You are the parents of Pingdu people,You are responsible for the happy life of the people in Pingdu,Not to meet the boss,Do such things that are not good for the people“Xia Jian wanted to say something better,But still didn’t hold back。

Wang Youdao is on fire,He shouted:“What nonsense are you talking about?What is unfavorable to the people?You give me out right away,Go to relevant departments for investment projects” Wang Youdao got angry,His secretary immediately opened the door and walked in,Pulled Xia Jian out。The group in Xia Jian’s heart never vented,This is the first time he encountered such a thing。 Back to […]

Except for Chen Xiu and Wang Zilin,The rest of the people didn’t see how Ou Sheng used Tai Chi’s leveraging force、The technique of moving flowers and trees caused the security chief’s baton to hit his lap,I thought he made a mistake。

Wang Zilin is like saying:“Sister Ou’s Kung Fu talent is very high!” “Of course,She is not a weak woman。” Chen Xiu said with a smile:“She is the boss of the club!” The security guards immediately rushed forward,Then came the screams,One after another,Up to one minute,All fell to the ground。 Look at their different poses,There is also an accented cry,It is […]

“You tell them clearly,According to their own level,And work attitude,The salary is different,High level,Take the students seriously,Relatively high income,Simultaneously,Zhang Siwei will use her social relationship,Arrange them to participate in some small performances,There will be an appearance fee,It can also bring them extra income。”

“Thus,They must be happy,Ok,I know。” “Wait some days later,More customers come to take wedding photos,We set up a wedding company,They can participate in the wedding performance,These can bring new income items。” Even Yang Yong was happy after listening,“That’s great。” “I want to sign a few stable‘artist’,Can sing and dance,Set up the training class,There are still one or two senior teachers […]

“Jianer!I have to say a few words。Ma Yan is not healthy,You have to care about her。Remember to take her to the city tomorrow,Show her a good look”Sun Yuejuan looked straight,Very harshly。

Xia Jian nodded and said:“it is good!I will take her tomorrow” Xia Zecheng can’t wait,He chuckled with a wine glass:“You bastard won’t come back,I can’t even drink alcohol,I have to make up for this time tonight”Xia Zecheng laughed,Drink with a glass。 A family gathered around the table,I ate with a smile。Xia Jian had a deep understanding,The profound meaning in the […]

“Agree to enable advanced management permissions。”Lu Menglin answered without hesitation。

Ding!I only heard a crisp sound in my mind。 immediately,A beautiful girl appeared in front of Lu Menglin,Wearing a white tutu,There are small red leather shoes under my feet,A pair of big eyes are shining,Like a star。 “What the hell?What the hell is this?”Lu Menglin was shocked,Surprised。 The girl who is so beautiful that she doesn’t look like a human […]

Lu Menglin took a look,Can’t help but want to laugh,Because this man looks like a big rat,And it happened to be an officer guarding the warehouse,At first glance, he is the kind of guy who guards and steals。

Officer Hu looks quite familiar with Liu Wenzhang,Say hello with a smile as soon as you meet,Looks really affectionate。 Liu Wenzhang holds a fist,Smiled:“do not,Don’t betray me,I do everything,Deputy,Deputy only。” After speaking,Liu Wenzhang turned and said to Wu Hao brothers:“This is the quartermaster Hu of our Black Blood Cavalry Guard,He is in charge of the logistics resources in our army,no […]

But here,I want to praise Comrade Wang Xiaodong from Xifei……”

———————————— PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。 The army is a violent machine to defend the country,If you can’t perform the function of defending your home,That country spends huge amounts of military expenditure to raise an army every year,What’s the use? But the problem is back to the beginning:Face this new mode of war,How can we fight to win? “Why […]

Although these two want to survive,I want to go back to Zhongyeo,But it doesn’t mean they have to sell the wooden knife,That’s why we have such weird behavior。

“Haha!That’s it!I mean!Seeing Master, your expression is a bit wrong!It turns out that the Thunder Sword Technique has already been used!”Zhong Yefu suddenly smiled,Smiled ferociously。 fpzw ———— Chapter Nine Hundred and Eighty Nine Half sword Zhong Yeo said this,The three great tycoons on the scene all stared at the same time。 If Zhong Yeo’s speculation is correct,Then the old thing […]

The big man’s face changed,Seems to want to say something。

“Brother Qin Feng。”Liu Shiwen that little girl jumped and ran behind the big man。 Liu Shiwen“You let me go。” The big man consciously stepped aside。 Qin Feng looked at Liu Shiwen,This girl does not look like a little sister now,Like my sister next door,Although the temperament in the bone is still there,But it still looks pleasing to the eye。 Liu […]