Comprehend to a certain extent,Simply increasing the number of ores cannot increase the power of the move。

And the secret method,Is a weapon made from ore。 But if you feel it‘ore’Not enough,The weapons built are also limited。 “My deity should move!”Li Ming’s human body trembled,Dust falling on the ground,Wave of hand,The hair and beard that were more than ten meters long were randomly cut off。 “With the explosive power of my deity itself comparable to the limit […]

Goddea army attacking the city sharp,Can not be injured。Obviously there is still,But there is no order to attack the city,Which high-altitude is to play??Luoyang has already got the hand,The Zhou Jun, the Zhou Jun in Hongnong City was blotting.,Gao Bo Yi is in a scruple?

Liang Shizhen’s brain flashed countless thought,But I don’t understand what medicine sold in the other gourd.。 …… “Leader,Why make the soldiers withdraw??” This battle is the command of Yang Su.,Does he do not feel that there is any problem?,Even if Gao Baoyi said that the impact of the weekly war martial art is not very good,Yang Su also doesn’t feel […]

Xia Jian has a look,These two are going to run,An arrow went up。Monkey picks peaches with one move with right hand,And grabbed the head of the person on the right。Whose head the hand just caught,When Xia Jian settled down, he stepped on a can bottle,Just hear a click。Shocked Xia Jian。

Just for a moment of hesitation,Who has taken a few steps like a rabbit。But Xia Jian thinks this person looks very familiar,I seem to have seen it somewhere。 “Don’t chase,Let’s leave here quickly,Things seem a little weird tonight“Xiao Xiao ran over,Shout loudly。 Xia Jian put his raised foot back,Maybe Xiao Xiao was right,This is weird。Xia Jian quickly turned around,Take Xiao […]

Wait for these people to leave,Xia Jianli called Xiao Xiao,Let her personally supervise the drafting of the contract,Then bring someone here to sign,After all, this is a non-serious thing。

Xiao Xiao heard Xia Jian say this,Naturally very happy。She readily agreed to Xia Jian,She will bring Dragon Ball over to sign the contract the day after tomorrow。 Finish the call,Xia Jian went to Luo Yi’s office。Gave her a brief explanation of what happened just now。Luo Yi didn’t say much after listening,Just tell Xia Jian,Sign this contract,You have to do it […]

Fang Fang just saw this scene,She smiled and said:“President Xia worked hard,Struggle for another year or two,Buy a house in Bucheon,Pick up the uncle and aunt,Let them have a good rest”

Xia Jian smiled,No sound,Easy talk,He is a migrant worker,Dare to buy a house in Bucheon,Even Pingdu,He never thought。 After lunch,Fang Fang drove all night,So stay home and rest,Xia Jian went to the village committee alone。Early spring sunshine,Warm,Shine on people,Can’t help but get sleepy。 But in the office of the village committee,Zhao Hong dressed in clothes,Sitting at the desk writing and […]

The three women suddenly laughed together。Cai Li made a pot of tea and brought it in。She poured tea for everyone,While asking:“What to eat everybody?If you don’t know, you can ask Xia Jian”

Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“Two cool and four hot,It’s best to cook。Stop drinking,To sing in a while and drink beer is essential,What do you think?” “OK! It’s best to have another small bowl of rice for each person。Worked for most of the day,I’m still hungry now”Xi Zhen said with a smile。Lin Wei nodded,Express agreement。 Guo Meili took […]

“Cough beauty big squad leader,I thought you were very tired.,You have been too easy to have this day.!”

I heard Li Hui’s voice,Han Shanshan also got up,Looked an eye。 When I saw Li Hui’s eyes, if I got my own,Laughing directly。 “Little plum,I used to think that you are very gentleman.,I didn’t expect you to be a fake.,Let you take rice with a meal?” “Hey-hey,Bring together,And I have a beer.。” Efficiency of Li Hui Feng this,Han Shanshan is […]

Feng Yan also wanted to put something out of Wang Youcai’s mouth,But this guy’s head crooked,Fell asleep on the sofa。After a while, he snored。This is really a big fat pig,Can eat and sleep。

Feng Yan quickly cleaned up the leftovers on the coffee table,Only then did my best,Helped Wang Youcai on the bed。she knows,People who drink too much,Never catch a cold。 Covered Wang Youshen with a quilt,Feng Yan, who was a little unable to sleep, poured a glass of water and sat on the sofa,When she was thinking about how to do it。Suddenly […]

“Hahahaha!Mayor Wang,You do have this ability。Don’t forget,You are the parents of Pingdu people,You are responsible for the happy life of the people in Pingdu,Not to meet the boss,Do such things that are not good for the people“Xia Jian wanted to say something better,But still didn’t hold back。

Wang Youdao is on fire,He shouted:“What nonsense are you talking about?What is unfavorable to the people?You give me out right away,Go to relevant departments for investment projects” Wang Youdao got angry,His secretary immediately opened the door and walked in,Pulled Xia Jian out。The group in Xia Jian’s heart never vented,This is the first time he encountered such a thing。 Back to […]

Except for Chen Xiu and Wang Zilin,The rest of the people didn’t see how Ou Sheng used Tai Chi’s leveraging force、The technique of moving flowers and trees caused the security chief’s baton to hit his lap,I thought he made a mistake。

Wang Zilin is like saying:“Sister Ou’s Kung Fu talent is very high!” “Of course,She is not a weak woman。” Chen Xiu said with a smile:“She is the boss of the club!” The security guards immediately rushed forward,Then came the screams,One after another,Up to one minute,All fell to the ground。 Look at their different poses,There is also an accented cry,It is […]