“Cough,Your name is Xiaochuan, right?young people,It’s all like this,But I should be sorry for you,Team selection,Obviously you have reached the standard,But still no trial for you……”That is called by Feng Xichuan“Nan Xia”Said。

“did not expect,You remember me,I thought no one would notice me……But he failed to participate in the Xiayinge Youth Training……Can’t blame others,I was born3DVertigo is really not saved,Even if you keep going,It’s just a waste of time……”Feng Xichuan scratched his head,Speak slowly。 “really?Like a few days ago,That’s not what you said when you gave management classes to other corps,Isn’t the […]

This mood is very special,It’s not simply high above,Or aloof,But the innate feeling of overlooking sentient beings,Very calm,On the edge of the high ground in the small world,It pauses for a while,The front end is slightly twisted like the head,Revealing a pair of extremely clear and clear eyes,Suddenly looked at the faint blue silk floating in the sky。

That is the tentacles of Li Tianzhu’s divine consciousness,He has been watching everything happening in the small world,He just lost many souls,The world of consciousness appears chaotic,Look quite dull,But after seeing these bright eyes,There was a bang in his ear,Then the whole person fainted completely。 “Even if not called,I will come back eventually。”Void sighed lightly,Actually uttered the language of Fansheng,In […]

Seven thirty,There was a burst of intensive gunfire in the trading market。

That’s the sudden gunfire,No sign in advance。 “These people deliberately want to kill the poisonous scorpions,Otherwise I won’t shoot directly,”Qin Hao thought of this situation。 The scorpion must be too rampant,So dissatisfied with the local snakes here,That’s why there is this scene。 “Bang bang bang,Bang bang,”Suddenly two loud noises,Almost overturned Qin Hao directly。 “Why did you shoot directly inside??” This […]

“Not malicious?Tiangong destroyed,The hope of the brothers is gone,Is this your kind intention?!”

Li Tianzhen looked back at the place where Tiangong once existed,Look at the gods on the beach in the distance,They may be in a daze,Or sit with your head,Of course there are also a few guys who are busy treating and peeping here。 “I’m not so kind。”Li Tianzhen smiled,“Are everyone alive now??” “At least three brothers fell in the fight […]

“the host,Is the master!”Murloc old man kneels down。

Phantom waved,Look at Li Ming seriously,As if looking at a rare treasure。 “really,The message that Yuan-senpai told me is not wrong,The Divine Power Route has a fourth level,Immeasurable,The endless golden light and billions of creatures all kneel down。” “This route,Can go through!” “In addition, the drop of blood containing Chaotic Origin bestowed by Senior Yuan,Enough to make him the truly […]

If you take the secret medicine,I don’t know what level of secret medicine warrior I will become?

The ward suddenly became completely quiet,Whether it is Chai Jinxiong,Still the one-armed monster,Seems to be waiting for Lu Menglin’s answer。 “Your name is babble?It’s the gurgling water?Still greedy to drool?”Lu Menglin smiled suddenly,Speak。 Hearing that Lu Menglin dared to ridicule Venerable Lord,This is a wish to die!Chai Jinxiong’s mood suddenly relaxed,If not necessary,He didn’t want to turn his face with […]

But the two are guarding“Doorway”Or many of the generals can understand something,So at this time, Mu Shan couldn’t wait to find them for questioning and interrogation.!

“Two generals,Let’s know people don’t talk secretly。Actually which side are you on,Is it from the poisonous general??” “you could say so,Can also say no。Specifically,We are just a partnership,We are not his subordinates,In fact, the poison commander was heavily involved by your Chinese special forces,I hope we can participate in the battle。But because he just painted cakes for us,Can’t give us […]

Other people are silent,I think this should be the best solution,Step back each,The sea and the sky。

Even Master Bacha has a weird face,Quite curiously looking at Lu Menglin,Wondering how he would choose? Even an outsider like an old nun knows very well,Times are indeed different now,Do it seriously,Very troublesome,Lu Menglin will make any choice,It’s not weird to even compromise with them。 For a time,Everyone’s eyes focused on Lu Menglin’s body,Waiting for his choice。 Lu Menglin lowered […]

What is the most famous building kiln?That is undoubtedly Jianzhan,So called,Is the tea bowl。Made xun,I’m seeing you for the first time。”

I saw,The glaze color of the porcelain is as dark as lacquer,Warm and bright,The glazed surface is covered with dense white-brown veins,As fine as the vellus hair on a rabbit,sparkling with light。 Populus said,Northern Song Dynasty,With the court’s tea-fighting atmosphere becoming fashionable,The black lamp built in the kiln in Fujian became a sharp weapon for tea fight,The black glaze became […]