Yue Wu’s face changed,The men under him raised their guns at Chen Xiu。

Chen Xiu stared at the dark barrels around him and said with a sneer:“I remind you,Don’t shake your hands,In case of fire,All of you will be buried with me!” Chen Xiu gently unbuttoned his jacket,Reveal more than twenty grenades,All the zombies stepped back subconsciously。 “Don’t move,All the grenades on my body contain bezoar powder,I estimate that more than 20 grenades […]

“open!From now on,This is the end of our relationship。Which Xia Fei,from now on,I don’t know her, Gu Yue”Gu Yue roared loudly,Shook off Chen Jing’s hand。

Chen Jing is also on fire,She yelled:“Gu Yue!What’s your bull?What qualifications do you have to say to us like this。I stopped Xia Jian,But people don’t want to see you again,You say i can do anything?” “Humph!Yes!I have no value available now,Why does he still see me?”Gu Yue roared loudly,What she said was obviously for Xia Jian。 Chen Jing took a […]

“I have already done my best……Did not find Mr. Fang Yufang……”

“keep the change!He has been kicked out by you!” Li Yan said coldly。 Eyes full of indifference! Let him die,Don’t hurt her! “Miss Li,This……” Teng Peng thought of the young man who drove away just now。 Frowning! Over! He is completely finished…… He didn’t recognize it,That’s Fang Yu! “your position,Someone will replace you soon……The manager here left without permission……Time to […]

“Also,If you are buried here,Really count your graveyard。”Zhu Minglang’s smile is not so gentle this time,His eyes are sharp,His face is a little cold though smiling。

At the market in Runyu City,There are hundreds of people lying down,They are tortured,Zhu Minglang saw it with my own eyes,And the culprit responsible for all this is Shenfan Academy! greedy,Let Shenfan Academy ignore the real situation of Runyu City,Let those residents who have nowhere to go suffer countless so-called“Righteous man”persecution! I really thought that the Tawny Land and their […]

He watched Gao Bao,Sudden,Behind you behind,A sword tip appeared in the chest。

“Duan Xiao,I am here.,Do you have a puppet to entertain yourself??” Behind the sound of high Bohai。 Duan Yizheng wants to look back,But found that the body is changing,No inhibitory fall。 “what!” Wake up from nightmare,Duan Yao touches your own body,No problem,That is just a dream.,Although it is a bad dream。 “dream,Usually it is back。” Duan Yan wiped the cold […]

The teenager was so ashamed to be scolded,It is impossible to be calm and concentrating even under such mood swings,Take a simple step and continue to explore,At the same time carefully recall the scene when he first realized that the fire spirit existed in his mind,And the dream in the cave before。

Fortunately,Huo Ling didn’t continue to curse,Or because of being too weak,Need to breathe,Or maybe it wants to give the teenager some time,In short,After silence,The teenager calmed down quickly,Entered into a state of selflessness in semi-meditation。 Where is the shrine?Juvenile has no idea,But before I knew it, I returned to the familiar scene in my dream,Magma and fire everywhere,Smoke and mist,The […]

Different personality。

Memory is different。 Different abilities。 The painter is a person。 Mu Long Shi is another person。 That’s why she gave herself a feeling like rain in June。 Zhu Minglang guessed this before,Unfortunately, he never saw Nan Lingsha summon the dragon,After all, there are some gods and mortals with human dragons around them.。 But this time,Nan Lingsha summoned two dragons。 And […]

“Cough,Your name is Xiaochuan, right?young people,It’s all like this,But I should be sorry for you,Team selection,Obviously you have reached the standard,But still no trial for you……”That is called by Feng Xichuan“Nan Xia”Said。

“did not expect,You remember me,I thought no one would notice me……But he failed to participate in the Xiayinge Youth Training……Can’t blame others,I was born3DVertigo is really not saved,Even if you keep going,It’s just a waste of time……”Feng Xichuan scratched his head,Speak slowly。 “really?Like a few days ago,That’s not what you said when you gave management classes to other corps,Isn’t the […]

This mood is very special,It’s not simply high above,Or aloof,But the innate feeling of overlooking sentient beings,Very calm,On the edge of the high ground in the small world,It pauses for a while,The front end is slightly twisted like the head,Revealing a pair of extremely clear and clear eyes,Suddenly looked at the faint blue silk floating in the sky。

That is the tentacles of Li Tianzhu’s divine consciousness,He has been watching everything happening in the small world,He just lost many souls,The world of consciousness appears chaotic,Look quite dull,But after seeing these bright eyes,There was a bang in his ear,Then the whole person fainted completely。 “Even if not called,I will come back eventually。”Void sighed lightly,Actually uttered the language of Fansheng,In […]

Seven thirty,There was a burst of intensive gunfire in the trading market。

That’s the sudden gunfire,No sign in advance。 “These people deliberately want to kill the poisonous scorpions,Otherwise I won’t shoot directly,”Qin Hao thought of this situation。 The scorpion must be too rampant,So dissatisfied with the local snakes here,That’s why there is this scene。 “Bang bang bang,Bang bang,”Suddenly two loud noises,Almost overturned Qin Hao directly。 “Why did you shoot directly inside??” This […]