“Nonsense!You can still feel when you die”Xia Jian said,Reached out and scratched Chen Jing’s feet,Chen Jing suddenly pumped her foot,There is a slight smile on his face。

I saw Chen Jing was saved,Xia Jian dare not delay for a moment,Because he doesn’t even know what’s going on outside now,They must leave here as soon as possible,Otherwise another avalanche,No matter how good he is,I can only sleep here。 Xia Jian rubbed Chen Jing’s soles for a while,Make her a little warmer,He pulled down a few silver needles on […]

“it’s wired,I clearly see……”

Thinking of poker magic on the cruise ship,Come to tears brightly,Kneeling in Liao Wenji,Four out。 She opened the bathrobe,It is still an endless……wrong,This time I still have a little harvest.。 “Big sister,Haven’t found yet??” “no,He is a very powerful magician,I guess the principle behind the magic.,May only know that the diamond is collected.。” Come back and forth,I don’t understand why […]

“do not ask me,What about you?”Peng Da’s shopkeeper is very impatient。

“Whatever you want。”Qi Baozhu is extremely crisp,Just threw the guy away,Turn around and leave。That is a pipe wrench,Almost hit Peng Weihua in the foot,He did it on purpose。 “I rely on your small steel pillar!”Peng Weihua shook his suit,Yelling。But think about it,It’s still not good to be too negligent,So he stretched out his hand and invited a manager to say […]

“Whatever you say。”Zheng Ye wanted to leave,Suddenly thought of something,Turned back and said,“I still don’t understand,Since you have deceived everyone,Even I have believed your amnesia,Why are you telling me all this now,It’s better for you to hide it。”

“You do not understand……”Her eyes started to drift,Looks a little unnatural,“I heard some information the last time I went out,,on……Forget it,It does not matter,Anyway, I have a hunch,The thing I don’t want to see happens……” She speaks slowly,Seems a little hesitating,Zheng Ye has never seen her show such a look,I really don’t know what major event she investigated。 Just when […]

Xia Shuyue can’t understand,“Why are you big sister a mother?,Won’t you coax the child to cry??She may be hungry,Why are you shouting at her?”

“Can you control?”The middle-aged woman glared at Xia Shuyue。 Xia Shuyue looked at the little girl sympathetically,Distressed that she has such a mother,The child suddenly turned around,She stared at Xia Shuyue blankly,Stopped crying。 Although I haven’t seen each other for a while,Ye Jia grew up,But Xia Shuyue still recognized it at a glance,Ask loudly,“baby,Why are you here?” ———— 213 How […]

No matter what it is used to remove the high,The only way to determine unavailable,It’s just a bamboo pole.。unless,He is to shock the high royal family not to provoke him.,but now,Very certain,Real is not mature。

So he let the fish have always stared at the high,Observe his laws,Last use“High-profile”Method。 The more high-profile,The more public occasions,It seems that it is an accident.!The same trick,Different means of use,Then the effect is also a thousand words.。 Zonzhu to assassinate Gao Xiaoyu,It’s a faint,And now do it,That is a good game。 “Leader,Why do you want to remove the high??” […]

Donna saw someone looking for Xia Jian to report to work,And she’s still a pretty girl,She feels wrong,So he got up and walked out。

Guan Tingna sat down on the chair opposite Xia Jian,Xia Jian glanced at her,Hehe smiled and said:“what happened?How strange,Is it uncomfortable??“ “You are uncomfortable,I just saw you sitting like this,I feel a little awkward”Guan Tingna said,Secretly glanced at Xia Jian,But what she said is true。In fact, her thoughts,Xia Jian already understood。 Xia Jian smiled and said:“You have been in Qingshan […]

Just like the Cong Zhi, he said,He did not compress people,Instead, the recruitment is now a Zen Gate.,So, the anti-teaching Shaolin is even more,Vacancy is not available to export“Thousands of monks contend”Words。

At this time, the representation station came out.,Handicapped:“Martial arts、Dharma is deep,Executive people admire,I think that my party has thought that Zen is exquisite.,Today, I know that I am just a thought……But Xiaoyu is still a little better.,I want to talk to the national teacher how to?” Many people in rivers and lakes,Because the previous Shaolin’s continuous connection,And the awe。 At […]

“Got it!How about this!I drove over with Lin Wei,I’m waiting for Lin Wei downstairs,Wait for her to finish,Let’s go to Qingshan County together“Xi Zhen said,And began to pack the things she brought with her。

Guo Meili nodded and said:“Go!Drive carefully on the road。Report all expenses to finance,Let the company reimburse you“What Guo Meili said,Xia Jian just remembered,You can’t let Lin Wei pay for things.! He quickly took out his wallet,Drew out two hundred yuan bills from it and said:“This is personal behavior,The money must be paid by me。Just buy things for about two hundred […]