Donna saw someone looking for Xia Jian to report to work,And she’s still a pretty girl,She feels wrong,So he got up and walked out。

Guan Tingna sat down on the chair opposite Xia Jian,Xia Jian glanced at her,Hehe smiled and said:“what happened?How strange,Is it uncomfortable??“ “You are uncomfortable,I just saw you sitting like this,I feel a little awkward”Guan Tingna said,Secretly glanced at Xia Jian,But what she said is true。In fact, her thoughts,Xia Jian already understood。 Xia Jian smiled and said:“You have been in Qingshan […]

Just like the Cong Zhi, he said,He did not compress people,Instead, the recruitment is now a Zen Gate.,So, the anti-teaching Shaolin is even more,Vacancy is not available to export“Thousands of monks contend”Words。

At this time, the representation station came out.,Handicapped:“Martial arts、Dharma is deep,Executive people admire,I think that my party has thought that Zen is exquisite.,Today, I know that I am just a thought……But Xiaoyu is still a little better.,I want to talk to the national teacher how to?” Many people in rivers and lakes,Because the previous Shaolin’s continuous connection,And the awe。 At […]

“Got it!How about this!I drove over with Lin Wei,I’m waiting for Lin Wei downstairs,Wait for her to finish,Let’s go to Qingshan County together“Xi Zhen said,And began to pack the things she brought with her。

Guo Meili nodded and said:“Go!Drive carefully on the road。Report all expenses to finance,Let the company reimburse you“What Guo Meili said,Xia Jian just remembered,You can’t let Lin Wei pay for things.! He quickly took out his wallet,Drew out two hundred yuan bills from it and said:“This is personal behavior,The money must be paid by me。Just buy things for about two hundred […]

Frankie took a deep breath,Then Leo said everything before digesting。

“You really intend to overthrow the world government?” “Correct!”Leo nodded。“You really need a government to manage the world well,But what is needed is not the current running dog government centered on the interests of the Tianlong people!” “it is good!I promise you,I’ll fuck with you later!”Frankie didn’t hesitate。 first,Leo is right,He doesn’t actually have much capital。 Second come,Before meeting Luffy,There […]

Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help but take a look at Ma Yan。This girl is really the same。This idea is really advanced,If you really did what she said,The problem of Southeast Mountain is really solved。

“All right,Mayor Xia is still recovering,So we don’t talk about work。I have to talk about waiting for him to cultivate for at least half a month,This is what the doctor said“Tong Jie immediately said loudly。 Sun Yuejuan looked at Xia Jian and said:“Xiaotong is right,We have to listen to the doctor。Moreover,So many cadres in Xiping Village,Don’t worry about it。Tomorrow our […]

“front、Just turn right in front。Crowded,No parking space in the community,Just stop there on the side of the road,Correct,Right here。”Pierced out of the car,Help watch the distance of the wheel near the roadside,I saw that the eyes of the people who were passing by were focused on the car,Can’t help but feel proud。“The distance is right,Shuai Wang, your driving skills are really good!”

Chen Wenjin glanced at the roadside after getting off the car,Did not speak。 Wang Shuai glanced at the roadside,Then hold back、No smile。The location is obviously too far away,But he is too lazy to move。 The house rented by Ear Hole is a dormitory shared by some units in the past,Small balcony with kitchen toilet,Living room and bedroom integration,Which is the […]

Do not,exactly,TonyThe power that the peak shows at this moment,It’s just a humanoid mech,This is not human power at all,Comparable to the power of gods and demons。

Shocked,Everyone looked scared。 At this moment,TonyFeng strangled Zhang Tianqiao’s neck,Lifted him up with one hand。 Able to lift an adult man’s hands off the ground,This simple detail,Has indirectly shown TonyHow terrifying is the power on the front。 He said that he only used three points when he hit Master Ye Tian,Some people didn’t believe me before,No one doesn’t believe it […]

This may be called brotherhood,One is desperate to save his brother,The other is to gather strength before dying to send my brother away,Really moved him。

It’s a pity that the relationship between him and his younger brother is not so good anymore,If one day,He was seriously injured and dying,I’m afraid that his younger brother Shen Gongbao can laugh for three days and three nights beside him,What desperate to save him?That’s impossible,Shen Gongbao will only hurt him。 ———— Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty Four The real […]

Xiang Chen raised his brows,It’s the first time someone called him uncle,Not unacceptable,Just a little bit novel。

“I’m inviting everyone to join my grandpa’s birthday party next week……” “Can I bring two more people?” Zhu Shiyao hasn’t finished speaking yet,Xiang Chen raised his hand and recommended himself,Don’t forget to put on Tian Dazhuang next to me。 “Just because I heard that the monopoly of the two of you was ended,All Shiyao will invite us!” Xiangyang looks at […]

Nezha looks at Jingtian seriously,Solemnly say,The methods of the sixth-tier powerhouse Fang Han,How can he be speculated by a small third-order peak?,It’s a pity that Jingtian didn’t lend him。

He Nezha guarantees with his reputation and Sedum,He must have borrowed and repaid this time,I will never return the token from Sedum。 “Nezha group members,I won’t trust your guarantee this time,Want token?sure,Go with Fang Han by yourself。” ———— Chapter Three Eighty One The cruelty of war “and,Nezha group members,I remember that you are not a former emperor of Shang Dynasty?Even […]