“Why i say that,Because the construction of Pingdu is not a day or two。So you have such a capable team,Why can’t I find work??”Xia Jian directly expressed his thoughts。

He Yumei Quick Talk,She laughed and said:“President Xia!Don’t hide your armpits。Is it the completion of the Southern Suburb Industrial Park?,There are projects in other places?” “Ok!Does that mean”Xia Jian said with a smile。 He Yumei was excited and slapped two slaps together,She said confidently:“This can be done!How about this!Organized by me and the village。I personally bring this team,I will never […]

No one made a better suggestion,Of course, Chen Erniu’s proposal became the final decision。

That night,Chen Gui has taken Xia Ze into the family yard,I told Wang Youcai all,It turns out that Chen Gui and Chen Erniu are brothers of the same surname,With a little blood,Chen Gui is smart,And Chen Erniu is Ma Daha,While bragging,Sometimes important things are blown out,But he didn’t know,The Xia family can’t contact Xia Jian,When he was bragging,Chen Gui told […]

Fortunately, the child’s needle stick was so smooth,The female nurse did it in twos or twos。She said something when she went out:“Don’t yell in the aisle,Pay attention to quality“

Xia Jianyi listen,Just thinking about the theory。Zhao Hong hurriedly pulled Xia Jian’s sleeve,Whisper:“You give me forbearance,Don’t be here,Even for Chenchen“ Zhao Hong said this,Xia Jian can only shut up。he knows,The hospital is not a reasonable place。Xiao Chenchen rolled around on the bed,I can see how many people can feel it in their hearts。 “My goodness!You just let this disease be […]

Corner door wide open,The old patriarch leaves quickly,But the pace is actually heavier than when I came in、Stagnant,Two‘Tianzhenwei’Then staring at everyone,Until the old man walked through the back courtyard,They just left one after another。

After a short silence in the big house,The black and thin squinted old man stood up,“Everybody,Take some time,The old master has a deep misunderstanding,I’m afraid I’m confused,So tough,It’s better to discuss a countermeasure together。” The fat-eared middle-aged man immediately agreed,“What the fourth brother said is,The circulation of iron,Have always competed by strength,There has never been a precedent for being taken […]


Liu Yuanming ripped off his jacket,A yellow vest was exposed inside,Said proudly:“This one of mine is a vest made of thousand-year ice silk,Invulnerable、Non-invasive,The magic weapon is cut off the slightest,You can’t hurt me!” First, the unknown black gas,Now it’s a thousand-year ice silk vest again。Chen Xiu can’t help but smack the Liu family’s wealth,But when I think that they are […]

“Sorry,I might disappoint you,in fact,I am an alien from a distant gray planet,Due to a war,My spaceship fell into the cliff together,Where i got lucky。”Ye Xingkong helped Chen Limu sit down,Take it easy。

“Alien planet into earth,So it’s true?”Chen Limu doubts,Then asked:“What happened next?” Ye Xingkong just wanted to tell her roughly,But one thing is certain,Chen Limu was not shocked because he was an alien、panic。 “soon,I met your son Ke Lan。”Ye Xingkong continued。 “what?!”Chen Limu stood up when he heard this bounce。Hold the arm of the chair tightly。 Ye Xingkong walked over and […]

This speed……

Unconsciously perform“Lightning Walk”,Combine with each other’s increased strength,Cause Xia Chenglong at this moment does not have Sun Yu asked the gods。 “Bang……Clang,Bang,Bang……” Old Lu and Xia Chenglong stood together。 The palm with vitality touches the blade,Make a dull crash。 This battle was almost scared in everyone’s eyes,Because from the current situation,These two didn’t keep any hands。 The key is that […]

Grandpa will watch you get married,Watching you have a cute baby,Will never leave you,Do you understand?”

Su Ran couldn’t help it anymore,Then shed tears,But quickly wiped it off,said laughingly:“Grandpa i know,You won’t leave me,You have been spoiling me for so many years。 As long as I have said, you will definitely agree,And never broke my faith,So this time I also believe that grandpa must be fine,Just got a little sick。 Besides, I will surely make those […]

Playing with the short knife,Xiang Chen’s words wrinkled black lines on He Hongyuan’s head,I am afraid that no one will be more boring than the person in front of me!

“Kill me if you can!” The blue veins on both sides of He Hongyuan’s forehead burst out,The pain from the hand is getting worse。 “What did you say!How could I do something like killing!” Xiang Chen looked at He Hongyuan seriously,Then he said:“But your bones are very hard,I have always wanted a human bone specimen,I think you are suitable!” Tone […]

Units in the petrochemical system will have a hard time?I’m afraid no one would believe this,Petrochemical industry,Among China’s state-owned enterprises,Also tobacco、Salt and other nationally controlled and absolutely monopolized units can be compared with the petrochemical system,But even so,Tobacco and Yan can’t be compared with petrochemical industry——People’s petrochemical system has a lot of foreign exchange in their hands。

we all know,in1993Years ago,China is also a net exporter of crude oil,Since it is exporting crude oil,Then you will naturally earn back dollars,Although in theory, the US dollars earned by the petrochemical system must be turned over to the state,But theory is only theory after all,The long-term worker of the landlord’s family comes to the time of the festival,The landlord […]