“Got it,Don’t tell the truth?Then I ask them,You just wait for peanuts。“Li Tianzhen turned around and squatted beside a humming horse,Two gunshot wounds to the person’s shoulder blade and calf,There are no major problems except mobility,Hemostasis and anti-inflammatory can save life。

“I said,I said。“Seeing the chance to survive will be lost,The previous Ma Tsai dared not take a fluke anymore,Instead of worrying about being retaliated by the boss in the future,It’s better to save your life now,”I remember,There is a cave in the woods,On the hillside,Nengtonghoushan。“ “Ok,Guilty。Have you walked through the cave??“Li Tianzhen turned around again。 “Walk through,Walk through。As long as […]

Xia Jian lay on the bed for a while,I can’t sleep anymore,He got up,Stood on the balcony and lookedTCountry scenery。

he comesTCountry is already the second day,Should I call Ma Yan??Xia Jian hesitated,So I picked up the hotel’s service phone。I hit the front desk first,Then he dialed to the phone of the Xiping Village Committee。 The phone was connected soon。Ma Yan’s cheerful voice came from inside:“Hello there!Xiping Village Committee,Who can I find?” “I’m looking for Ma Yanma, the village chief”Xia […]

and,With more and more rocks in the forest、Gravel is adsorbed,The body of this stone fairy is getting bigger and bigger。

Not long,The stone fairy is like a heavy pavilion built of stones,Towering and strong,There is a terrible sense of power all over the body!! Saint Lion Zilong will soon be no match,I was beaten out by this steadily growing stone fairy ghost。 Pu Shiming sees something bad,He immediately called out a red dragon,Riding on Chilong’s back, he flew towards the […]

Come out from Li Tianchou with Peng Weihua on his back,Around the grove behind,Finally ran to the small house opposite the high wall to hide,Ling Feng can see clearly,It’s just that he can’t find a chance to start。

I don’t know if Li Tianchou is too experienced or lucky,The hiding position he chose is very particular,Squatting on the side of the small house in the middle,Avoid directly facing the tall buildings on both sides,And easy to block the line of sight,Conducive to Tenno,I slipped and fell home。 The only time I can start is when Li Tianchou suddenly […]

“Ledenka,How much did you get this month?”

“Nothing to live this month,Just those things sold last time,Altogether2000Ten thousand dollars。” “I am a mercenary,I’ve got it by desperately50Ten thousand dollars。” “how about you?You provided clues to this high tower village,You should have received a lot of rewards?” “Okay,Just provide clues to this village,There will be half a million dollars in the account。” “Plus other,A total of 1.2 million […]

On a muddy plateau,Only the cement foundation is left,There are also a few concrete pillars deep in the ground,Besides,Never see anything。Even if it’s a dead pig,Or the dead cow did not leave a single head。Just think about how big the river was last night。

“Don’t be sad everyone,Our farm is gone,But our people are here,This is fortunate。If last night,Xichuan River flows back into Xiping Village,I really dare not imagine the consequences,It seems that God still let us go from Xiping Village”In this way, I can tell from Ouyang Hong’s mouth,It’s still quite difficult。 As long as I have experienced,To understand her meaning。Xia Jian took […]

“Why i say that,Because the construction of Pingdu is not a day or two。So you have such a capable team,Why can’t I find work??”Xia Jian directly expressed his thoughts。

He Yumei Quick Talk,She laughed and said:“President Xia!Don’t hide your armpits。Is it the completion of the Southern Suburb Industrial Park?,There are projects in other places?” “Ok!Does that mean”Xia Jian said with a smile。 He Yumei was excited and slapped two slaps together,She said confidently:“This can be done!How about this!Organized by me and the village。I personally bring this team,I will never […]

No one made a better suggestion,Of course, Chen Erniu’s proposal became the final decision。

That night,Chen Gui has taken Xia Ze into the family yard,I told Wang Youcai all,It turns out that Chen Gui and Chen Erniu are brothers of the same surname,With a little blood,Chen Gui is smart,And Chen Erniu is Ma Daha,While bragging,Sometimes important things are blown out,But he didn’t know,The Xia family can’t contact Xia Jian,When he was bragging,Chen Gui told […]

Fortunately, the child’s needle stick was so smooth,The female nurse did it in twos or twos。She said something when she went out:“Don’t yell in the aisle,Pay attention to quality“

Xia Jianyi listen,Just thinking about the theory。Zhao Hong hurriedly pulled Xia Jian’s sleeve,Whisper:“You give me forbearance,Don’t be here,Even for Chenchen“ Zhao Hong said this,Xia Jian can only shut up。he knows,The hospital is not a reasonable place。Xiao Chenchen rolled around on the bed,I can see how many people can feel it in their hearts。 “My goodness!You just let this disease be […]