Comprehensively improve the risk prevention and control ability to ensure that the trade port is stable

"The most critical variables that have become the result of the establishment of the risk of the Hainan Free Trade Port". The Eleventh Plenary Session of the Journey of the Provincial Party Committee, deeply explains the extreme importance of risk prevention and control, requiring the province to enhance opportunities andRisk awareness, building risks prevention and control. After the closing of […]

China Positieve energie 2021 "Vijf honderd" Network Boutique Collection Selectie Selectie Uitzending Activiteiten Start

Deze krant Beijing 25 juni (Reporter Zhang Wei) wordt gelanceerd door China Positive Energy 2021 "vijf honderd" netwerkboutique verzameld door het centrale net trunker kantoor. Het is duidelijk dat deze selectieactiviteit het onderwerp is van "China’s mensen die hard werken in de mensen", en de resultaten zullen vanaf het einde van dit jaar worden vrijgegeven. Op 25e is de lanceringsceremonie […]

3 Internationaal en huiselijk! De Fengyun 3-satelliet tot stand gebracht in dit Shanghai-team is niet algemeen

De foto zei: Fengyun No. 3 E-ster lanceerde het nummer San Satellite Launch Center 7:28 vandaag, "Dawn" Fengyun No. 3 E-ster gelanceerd naar het Satellite Launch Center, de satelliet heeft het geplande nummer met succes ingevoerd. FENGYUN No. 3 E-Star Gearresteerde Algemene Ontwikkeling door China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Aerospace Science Research Institute), de 5e satelliet […]

Climate Dictionary: Foreign media interpretation COP26 key vocabulary

On November 20th, the Economic News Network, Argentina, published on November 5, published in the article "Climate Dictionary: Understanding COP26", the full text is as follows: Abnormal weather and the latest weather in recent months The research data allows the world to pay attention to the climate crisis. These new scientific data show that humans must take faster action than […]

20 years of rescue difficult diseases in the northern army, 20 years of rescue diseases

On October 10th is the 30th World Mental Day, the reporter learned from the Air Force Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, the hospital neurosurgery is the treatment center of the whole army, actively innovating heavy mental illness treatment, using multi-target regulation, sub- Advanced technology such as nuclear group destruction, 20 years of treatment of difficult psychosis, more than 5,000 […]

Do a good job in fire prevention

Original title: Do a good job in fire prevention and guardian green mountains, the Heilongjiang Province has entered the key period of spring forest fire prevention. In order to do a good job in fire prevention, he recently, Heilongjiang Forest Fire Corps Harbin City Detachment was combined with key forests such as Harbin main road and Zhaoli, Xinglong, Yabuli, and […]

Use a good revolutionary cultural relic this "vivid textbook"

President Xi has attached great importance to the major value of the revolutionary cultural relics. At the national revolutionary cultural relics, it emphasizes: "The revolutionary cultural relics carries the glorious history of the party and the people, and the great history and touching deeds of the Chinese revolution are the party and the country. The precious wealth is to promote […]

The first-stop service platform of the country’s first Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macau Daban District Title and Vocational Qualification Business

  "One-stop service platform of Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macau Dawn District" (hereinafter referred to as "one-stop service platform") on November 15th in the Guangzhou Nansha Government Service Center and the International Talents Hong Kong Talent One-stop Service Hall officially Work. This is also a comprehensive service platform for the first-stop, general-purpose service platform on title and professional qualification business.   It […]