A letter from the Chengdu Medical Security Bureau to the city’s insured

People’s Daily November 16th (Guo Ying) provides a more convenient and efficient medical services to the majority of insured people, in accordance with the unified deployment of the national and Sichuan Provincial Medical Security Bureau, 021 November 21, Chengdu Medical Guarantee The information system will stop, switch to the national medical security information platform (hereinafter referred to as "new platform"). […]

100 large-scale city consumers satisfaction evaluation: "Consumer Rights" into an evaluation of weaknesses

Original title: 100 large-scale urban consumer satisfaction evaluation: "Consumer Rights" into the evaluation of weak IN Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 15 (Reporter Zhao Wenjun) Zhongzhi Association Recently released the 2020 National 100 large and medium-sized city consumers The satisfaction assessment report, the report shows that "consumer rights" score is relatively low, and it is a consumer satisfaction evaluation. In […]

A number of people’s livelihood projects will be opened in the focus of focus

[] At the end of the year, the local disclosure of the latest people’s livelihood project construction schedule, "completed in advance" "Order Promotion" becomes a keyword. At the same time, the relevant departments stepped up the deployment, and the work of the people’s livelihood is listed as the need, gather together. In addition to the old community renovation, public infrastructure […]

54.3 miljard yuan pull "disk" Chengdu Daxi verzamel om honderd boutique bosplaten te bouwen

kunsttentoonstelling. Het Daishi County Party Committee Propaganda-afdeling wordt ge?ntroduceerd. Daxie County zal leiden tot "The Park City In Construction" en "Hoogwaardige ontwikkeling om het jaar aan te vallen" als de hoofdlijn, "International Ecological Cultural Tourism" bestemming "is het doel, Houd u aan de ontwikkelingsidee?n van "Specialty Towns + Forest Plate", focus op vijf projecten, implementeren van de vijf grote projecten […]

Always do the loyalty guards of the party and the people

Since July 16, Henan and other places have encountered severe heavy rain and flood disasters, and there is a heavy rain in the central and western parts, and some areas of heavy rain. The national defense will increase flood control emergency response from grade III to level II, and the flood prevention and relief situation is more serious. Drainage, dredging, […]

The 16th "World Stright Day" Wuhan Wuchang Hospital launched a multi-field health clinic to send health to the resident

Jingchu Network (Hubei Daily Network) (Correspondent Zhou Shu) October 29th, is the 16th "World Stroke Day", in order to effectively prevent and control high-risk factors in stroke, improve the early identification ability of the masses, recognize gold rescue Time, reducing the incidence of stroke, Wuhan Wuchang Hospital organized a healthy clinic science education activity of "being alerted by stroke symptoms […]

The service industry will visit the scene, see everyone’s heart!

In today’s inspection, this is a good development momentum in the service industry. In the face of the unprystable development results, everyone sees change, and the mouth is talking about development. After reading these projects, what is the experience of the members of the group? Let’s take a look! Peng Shengdong, deputy director of Dongpo District: "Through the on-site visit, […]

Pay attention to personal information protection, why do you know "I understand" I

Core reading Many users often have such a confusion when using smart device applications across platform: Search in a platform, why is another platform that will be pushed? Can personal information stored in various applications? On November 1, the personal information protection method was officially implemented, and personal information security will be protected. The safety boundaries used by the information […]