“Second elder!”

“Brother Han!” The man in the gray robe nodded:“in history,There are five times outsiders come。” “The first extraterritorial power comes,That time the extraterritorial powerhouse was quite low-key,My sacred mountain was also established in that era。” “The second extraterritorial power comes,We are communicating with foreigners,I also know the so-called‘Demon Refining System’,It’s a pity that the strong outsider only knows about the […]

Chen Xiu also knew that he might be in trouble this time,But still shouting in dissatisfaction:“You don’t flash,I’m going to split on the altar!”

“You speak arrogantly,Is it my fault!” “Naturally your fault,Don’t you resist,Chop me obediently,As for the explosion?!” Chen Xiu babbled,Run away,I look back after a gap,I saw a black hole like a whirlpool appeared above the altar。 “Qingyun old ghost,What is that black hole?” Master Qingyun looked back,Happy face:“Teleport is on!”The whole person turned into a red shadow and galloped towards […]

Song Ting heard that he was just arrested today.,The face is seriously changing。

“no,Today, this case is very important.,Before we have finished,You can’t go in to see people。” “Song police officer,We just want to see Xu Tianci,He may really be misunderstood,Today, the case I am also on the scene.,Don’t believe you ask him。” Jing Juan also did not expect that he was referred to by Li Hui, who had just finished the completion.。 […]

Start needle!

“Ancient medicine?” Middle-aged people only know,Young people are actually ancient doctors。 No wonder the tone and attitude are different! “All right,My life is saved!” Ling Feng got a few stitches,And then took away the silver needle。 Suddenly,The fat man vomited blood。 but,Breathing restored…… Such a magical scene,Stunned others。 just,Fang Yu left soon。 Do not intend to stay。 “did not expect……You […]

“It’s ok,I can’t sign it,You can come to our company often。”Fang Na turned her eyes to Zhao Luo。

“Our spokesperson who does not sign a contract,Also get the endorsement fee。”Zhao Luo also sent an invitation。 “Thanks boss Zhao。”Cen Cheng nodded,Dare not say more,She is just a student after all,Dare not breach the contract。 “what,correct,What is the name of the boss of the company you signed with??”Fang Na asked, rubbing her forehead。 “Xia Shuyue。”Cen Cheng answered casually。 “I also […]

Hu Huiru heard what Xia Jian said,And followed Xia Jian’s topic:“I can’t hide anything from you。I know,You have time now,If you wait until the next year,I’m afraid to call you on a call like this”

“Consultant?!Just like you said,Asked after Gu。Is such that,I have a scenic forest planting base in Chenzhuang, Baishui Town,I have always neglected to manage this place,So I want you to visit” Hu Huiru goes around,Finally said her true intentions。of course,What Xia Jian did to her,Still know well。 Xia Jian has heard of this place,But he has never been。So he asked:“What do […]

“what happened?What happened again?”Wang Youcai’s face changed a lot when he saw Wu Wu,Couldn’t help asking loudly。

Wu Wu stood up,Said in a trembling voice:“Brother Wang,Beauty International、And the heart touching world was all swept just now,All of our brothers were also taken away” “what?How could this be”Wang Youcai can’t sit still,These two people can earn him a lot of money in a year,But the problem now is that his people have also been taken away。If you don’t […]

Wang Teng is very leisurely,Especially after getting 20% of the shares of Tan Group,Wang Teng is estimating,Who should I do next?。

“First of all,Let me take a look,I know what’s going on。” While talking,Wang Teng is watching carefully in front of his eyes。 but,After Wang Teng finished watching,Now,Wang Teng whole person,Is at a loss。 Over,What are you talking about?,Why start now,Wang Teng actually felt,I don’t seem to understand。 But the more so,Actually put it here,Wang Teng itself,On the contrary, there is […]

Of course, Li Ming guessed that he would not stay for many years at the domain master level.,When you reach the master level, you will enter various secret realms and cosmic battlefields.。

Remember mobile version URL: ———— Chapter Forty Fought Only three days later。 Li Ming’s figure appeared in the ruins。 This ruin,Not simple,This is the world of dangerous people【Garcia】Wreckage left by the original inhabitants。 【Garcia】,Highly technologically advanced before entering the universe,Even inventedDHierarchical technology—simply put,This planet can make technological weapons that kill the pinnacle masters of the domain master。At the same time, […]

Chapter One Fight

quickly,After a brief noise,The role of the six leaders of the four camps has played out。 The gods of the kings cooperated as required。 Facing self-interest,From these six men‘leader’Just barely command。After all, every king has his own demands。 But the guard facing the maze,This is the common interest of everyone,Act naturally。After all, I saw the maze guard appeared,Naturally, I know […]