De totale omzet van de nationale koolstofontladingsrechtenmarktquota heeft 1 miljard yuan overschreden.

  Beijing 12 november (Reporter Yan Lin) China Ecologisch Milieu Afdeling 12e nieuws, de National Carbon Emissions Trading Market (hierna de National Carbon Market genoemd) sinds de lancering van de online transactie op 16 juli 2021, is de algehele operatie stabiel en ordelijk. Vanaf 10 november 2002, een totaal van 77 handelsdagen in de nationale koolstofmarkt, heeft de hoeveelheid quota 10.000 […]

Chinese tourist bus is injured in a car accident in Malaysia

  On April 7, in Selangor, Malaysia, the embassy is popular in the hospital in the hospital. Xinhua News Agency, New Hua La, April 7 (Reporter Liu Yilin) ??On the 7th, the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia said that a tourist bus containing 16 Chinese tourists was about 6:00 on the evening of Malaysia, Malaysia. The nearby collision is collided with a […]

Creatieve trend stimuleert de opkomst van de "jonge economie"

Steeds meer intelligente producten, de creatieve trend is opgewonden tot resonantie, let op de catering aan de jongeren … het invoeren van de "jonge economie" op de expo (hoofdreporter Zhang Yang) 6 november, het EDG-team won de competitie van League S11 World het definitieve bericht borstel scherm. In de tweede dag hoorde ik van tijd tot tijd jongeren. Tijdens deze […]

Chongqing has pushed the transformation of shantytowns to let more people dream

  People’s Network Chongqing on September 23, in recent years, the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee has always been "let all the people live in" as the fundamental follows of shantytown renovation work, led to push into the shantytown renovation work, and achieved positive results. During the "13th Five-Year Plan", the city has completed the establishment of thousands of households, […]

Die dingen achter "Advance verwarming"

  Xinhua News Agency, 27 oktober (Reporter Zhou Wenxi, Wang Wei, Sun Liangquan, Dong Bao, Luoxin) Meteorological Department Prognose, deze winter zal het Lunina-incident vormen, mijn land Noord-China en andere regio’s zijn lager dan in dezelfde periode. Onlangs komt de koude golf aan, sommige steden in het noorden hebben van tevoren verwarmd en sommige hebben meer dan een halve maand van […]

AI predicts the emotions of the player’s heart

On February 12, according to the British "new scientist" Weekly report on January 29, artificial intelligent art critics can predict the emotions of drawing. According to the report, Monet’s garden can make the viewers feel satisfied, Dali’s soft-collapse clock will cause fear or confusion. Today, an artificial intelligence (AI) art critics have predicted the emotions of the players in the […]

Russia public anti-drones combat power construction

The Russian "Armor-S" air defense system recently, the first anti-drones of the Russian Marine Corps conducted a public anti-drone professional drill, triggered an external attention. As a new combat force in recent years, anti-drones has been deployed in the Russian military construction, which has a positive significance for special tasks in modern war.The deployment of the large-scale Russian military high-level […]

Resolutely defend the no scale-back to the bottom line Lhasa City to eliminate 188 households

  In recent years, Lhasa City has strictly implemented the requirements of "four do not pick", strengthening responsibility, paying close attention to the implementation of work, and promoting the consolidation of expansion to expand the poverty and renewing the effectiveness of the country’s revitalization. It is understood that, as of now, 285 agricultural herdism cooperatives participated in the poverty alleviation industry […]

The more you need to develop innovation

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "innovation is a soul of a national progress. It is an inexhaustible motive force of a country, and is also the deepest national endowment of the Chinese nation. "The Communist Party of China’s Central Committee on the Party’s 100-year Struggle and Historical Experiences", "Adhere to the Pioneering and Innovation" is one of the […]