Chapter One:Poor and white My name is Chu Chen,this year32year old。Yes i am poor,So i have no object。I go to work by bus,With a meager salary every month。I think using the word meager to describe my views on the unit is a bit mean,But I really can’t get rid of poverty。 So I play games after get off work,Trying to […]

Chu Deirers also swept by the flame knife,But after the birth,But just retreat two steps——Tag,Normally can’t be so“quick”Activity,Refund、Is under the knife impact on the flame knife,Passive retreats two steps,It is like the feeling of Chu Deiren.,You can’t move、Other people use hard,Can still be active。

智 智,Can’t help but work、God…… One is that Cozhi is not very normal.,Always do something free.,But when it is still still,Master’s baggage、Al or also is a high-quality bag!,Originally sneak attack,I am not in a hit, I will not force it again.,Especially at this time, many people have stared at him.; Two……It is also true! Although it doesn’t matter not to […]

“Sister Kong Hee,I heard that you are going to marry the palace,I don’t know who is from the palace,Can talk to my sisters in advance?”

Male superior to female,This is not so popular in Zulong City,Women with a certain status basically have to participate in clan affairs,But the marriage of women is mostly decided by the elders in the clan,In fact, men with no achievements are almost the same。 What I just discussed was military affairs。 Mainly from the harassment from Lingxiao City-state,And those mobs […]

“Stop it,This is your second master,You go down first。”Shadow God waved his hand,A mana cuts off coercion,Open road,“Go,Next time I have a chance, I’ll pass on your real shadow second sword。”

“Yes,Master!”Youth respectfully,Retreated。 “Wow~”The shadow god is really like a dark shadow,Appear on the top of Shanlan。 The top of the mountain,There are already two figures。 Together,Seem mundane,Its breath is mysterious and unfathomable。 Together,Sit cross-legged,On the surface of the body, a blue sword light appeared as sharp as the sky。 Salute Li Ming respectfully,Ying Tian Shen looked at Xiong Chu Tian […]


“Fast,Once the store is rented,Start to incur expenses immediately,Decoration delayed for a while,You can engage in personnel training,Just rent for one month,10,000 yuan is gone,This is not a joke。” “I know,No reminder。”Cen Cheng said stubbornly。 “You’d better bring all your colleagues out,time does not wait,I still said that,Use familiar people,Use skilled workers,Otherwise the risk is too great。” Ye Boping knows,Cen […]

After a brief discussion, I learned,This tall girl is called Lin Ling,From northeast,The girl in the red skirt is called Qiu Xueyun,From Jiangsu and Zhejiang,The two roommates with them, Chang Limin and Zhang Jiaqi, are both Cantonese,Well-behaved,But it’s really general in terms of appearance。

I didn’t expect Xu Ling to guess it,The beauty of the law major is really that way。 402Among the four in the dormitory,Except Zhu Xiaoguang and Liu Taosheng are extremely enthusiastic,Along the way, apart from talking, learning and singing,Lu Menglin and Zhang Bo both seemed very relaxed,I didn’t take this scene too seriously。 The boys and girls in the two […]

The crowd around was talking,Buzz。

Xi and Wudang became more and more chilled,I don’t know what the puppies surnamed Qin in the crowd did things that hate ghosts,I’m so angry that Nan Fengtian loses my mind,Rushed into Qin Mansion alone,The result was a beating。 Wait until Hu Qi retreats aside,Xi can’t help it anymore,Asked in a low voice:“what is the problem?What’s wrong with sister Xiaoyu?” […]

“You are typical,Married a daughter-in-law and forgot sister,I’m in vain……”

What does Qin Feng just want to say?,But was interrupted by Qin Xibei。 “Stop and stop,I do not go,Alright。” And Qin Xibei is preparing,Ewha brings rain again,But was also interrupted by Qin Feng。 Qin Feng thought,Anyway, this is also a presidential suite,Qin Xibei is in the bedroom,I went to the living room outside to sit all night。 Anyway, don’t say […]

Until this battle report entered the field of vision of the Korean military at night,The first reaction of the staff officers of the Korean military,Just lie to the military。

A human gathering point in a hunting area,A dilapidated town with few electromagnetic guns,How could it be possible to stop the invasion of those alien monsters? This victory came too suddenly,It’s like a group of unarmed slaves,Suddenly announced that they replaced the national regular army,Defeated powerful foreign invaders,And press the face of the regular army on the ground and rub […]