Xia Jian did not expect,My acting skills will be so good。as expected,The masked man laughed and said:“Junjie,You are still smart。Honestly let you roll together,After we withdrew smoothly,You can go home,Uncle is asking for money,Don’t want to kill“

“Good good!I’ll shout“Xia Jian nodded and bowed,Full trick。To know,Xia Jian also experienced a scene bigger than this,Only three masked men with knives can’t scare him。 Xia Jian glanced outside,Shouted in a high voice:“You come in!Don’t fool around,They have knives,And still three people,You are not an opponent,Still be honest“Xia Jian’s words haven’t finished,Just got up from the ass。 “Are you fucking […]

Seeing the three women of Mianshan Jianzong is like seeing some ghosts,These trainees from the Dragon Training Academy turned their heads and left,Never take a step forward!

Jiujun Mountain is in front,People exploring in the office city,Have passed various ways,And the information left in the organ city,The Tomb Hill of the Ninth Army is the final competition place for this power competition.。 And the fifth grade fuchsia brocade box,It can only appear in the Tomb of the Ninth Army! In fact,The Institution City is also undergoing tremendous […]

Xia Sanye kneeling on the ground,Shook his head and shouted:“You can’t do this,This will hit the gods”

“It’s already collided,Your old man should go back to the village with Huang Taixian,Pray for our Xia family!”Xia Jian said,Gave Chen Erniu a wink,Chen Erniu helped and pulled Sanye Xia to the edge of the ground。 Everyone started working again,But okay,I dug a long time next,Not even a human bone was dug out。The sun gets worse,How old are Xia Sanye?,Can’t […]

For such an idea,Cecilia also agrees。

Decided on the method,Wright also informed his relatives,Just in case,Is divided into three ways,Hair ball、Cecilia and Kuroko escorted all the way,Leaving the Puang Empire,Moving in is called‘Chaos collar’Area。 Wright set off for the Arctic ice field。 What Wright didn’t know was,A servant in the original residence,Secretly went to a dark church,Delivered a letter。 ” ———— Chapter 19 Wanghai City Dark […]

“Stop it,I haven’t been to the countryside。What do you mean,Why keep avoiding me,Even your brother’s wedding,You want to hide from me?Are you afraid that I will get you”Hu Huiru said a little unhappy。

Wang Youdao is afraid that others will hear them,So he smiled and said:“Don’t talk about it today,Since you are here,Just be happy” Hu Huiru is not an ignorant person,She stood up,Walked to the door and took a look,I saw the place where the gift was received and walked over,Took out a stack of banknotes and handed it up:“two thousand” Two […]

A plan that took so long,Naturally won’t let it fall short。I don’t want to be an enemy of Zhu’s family,But some things,Still need to explain clearly。

Step into Zhu’s banquet hall,No lack of courtesy for the elders,Li Tianxing thought,The Zhu family may not lightly exclude the performer Ye because of his name,But because of my name,Find some reason,Refusal to pay Ye Qing’s fee,Confident about this,Li Tianxing still has。 Everything is the same as Li Tianxing planned on the road,Until I met Zhu Ruzhi,After giving him birthday,Everything […]

Old man Mu was stagnant,The look fainted immediately,Hand caress the chest,Coldly:“Can you promise to treat Mu’s disciples as kindly as possible??Although I have no choice,But something,Still can choose。”

Lu Menglin shook his head,Tao:“Old man,You think too much!What you can give,Not necessarily what i want!So there is not much restriction on me。I actually have an idea,May solve your concerns。” Old man Mu frowned,Thought for a while,Finally asked:“what idea?” Lu Menglin said:“You worry about the safety of Mu’s disciple,Because you know you will die,After you die,They can’t keep Mu’s industry,And […]

“You are talking about,But the problem is,My background is ordinary,”Alex·Goodrich’s distressed way:“And the successive presidents of the United States……Some unspoken rules,You know,Right?So it’s basically impossible for me to become president of the United States。”

———— First1083chapter Interview campaign manager Alex on the phone·Goodrich is silent。 Chen Geng seemed to see what he was hesitating,Said:“Alex,I understand your worries,But since you are now the lieutenant governor,Go up,Nothing more than a senator or a governor,In this case,I suggest you try to run for governor……Can become governor,This platform is undoubtedly a better prospect for you,Even from‘Qian Jing’Perspective。” “……” […]

“Why they stay in the park?Waiting for someone?Where’s Long Qianyuan?”

“This can’t answer you!” Li Zhenyu looked a little unhappy at Qin Feng。Let alone Qin Feng,Even he is somewhat dissatisfied with Longteng members like the Luo family brothers。 he thinks,Actually, just treat the two suspects as defenders.。Even if the other party is hiding in the park,Even held hostages。Then use formal means,Negotiation,There are many other methods available。 Why do you need […]

She didn’t hide anything,Said it openly。

A person like a group of gods,Ok,In her opinion,omniscient,Just tell the truth。 Wu Xing:Thank you so much for Miss Zinu。 Orchid Stuffed with Golden Silk Red Agate,Mentioned in the plot in Tian Xing Jiu Ge,It tastes better,I don’t want Zi Nu to give it to myself。 Hexi:Purple Girl,But generous。 Hexi finished watching the video of Tian Xing Jiu Ge uploaded […]