Everyone talking and laughing,Ruan Lingna picked up the walkie-talkie and made arrangements。I feel that I have grasped tightly in terms of time,But it was past seven o’clock when I was eating。

Because I don’t leave at night,So Xia Jian accompanied Guan Ting and they drank some beer。Lu Wei is polite,Not drink。But this Li Mengyue,No loss is for sales,She can both say,Can also drink。Pestering Xia Jian。If not for a meeting to swim,Xia Jian really can’t get out。 Finished eating,Xia Jian’s face changed,Started the meeting。He first talked about the progress of the project、Engineering […]

“Oh no!People from the opposing team are almost at the center ruins!”Guo Yinzhe’s voice almost burst Feng Xichuan’s head in an instant,It seems that the Flower and Grass team is once again in crisis……

【This book was first published on the Zongzhong Chinese website,Please support genuine,Happy reading!】 ———— Chapter One Hundred and Sixty FlowersVSOscar(six) “Chuck chuck……Chuck chuck……” After the five members of the Flower and Grass team converge,Immediately faced the behind“Sand Guard”Double-teaming with the Oscar team not far from the exit。 “By now,I can only rush out to fight with them!”Feng Xichuan said。 “That […]

Just entering the door,Welcome to Miss Yingbin is welcome,And the renovation inside is also a glorious,The stall is also spotless,Let Li Hui feels that he should play on this place.。

“Let it go,We go to the second floor,The second floor is suitable for us。” Li Hui is still in such a luxurious place for the first time.,Last time to Zheng Tiancheng,He is already luxurious.,I didn’t expect to be luxurious than Zheng Tiancheng.。 At the second floor,Li Hui finally understood why Qin Xue will say that they are suitable for them.。 […]

Such weak ghost,Not as good than ordinary people,They are more trendless, they will be afraid。

I am also on me.! Cherry dogs,抡 抡 手 手 身 身 群,Due to triggeringbuff,The combat power is three times that is normal.,Liao Wenjie has not understood what happened?,I was squeezed out of the pile of people.。 Ping Pong! A series of strokes,The scream of people in the pile changes suddenly,A group is holding his head:“Do not hit,it’s me,Don’t fight […]

Depp is honest,Never complained,Can escape disaster,It’s very satisfying to have a place to settle down,So I don’t care if the captain takes advantage of it,Two difficult brothers settle down temporarily in Liuyun Temple,Naturally received a lot of care from Baiyun,Not to mention that Li Tianchou spoke in person,Even the captain himself has a lot of fate with Mr. Baiyun,So the treatment is much higher than ordinary Taoist。

“master,I heard that my eldest brother has been on the mountain for several years?”Free,The captain asked Lao Dao to verify Li Tianchou’s past in Liuyunguan。 “Just stayed around for a while。”Baiyun vaguely coped,Originally, Li Tianchou’s practice and enlightenment in meditation were well-known things.,I have also been affected by Lu Xuanyun,Be his junior,The craziest year,Xuan Yunzi’s fame is gone,Many pilgrims and […]

Xia Jian asked to bring a chair over,He stood on the chair,Shout loudly:“You wronged us,The money given to you for 40,000 yuan per acre has already been called to the government designated account,You didn’t get the final payment,I really don’t blame us for this”

“You nonsense,The cadre in our village said that you never paid the balance”A young man shouted loudly。 Xia Jian raised his voice and shouted:“Now it doesn’t matter if we didn’t give you money,Or the township didn’t give you money,Since i’m here,I’ll take care of this,Until everyone gets the money, OK??” “Your words count?”Which old man asked。 Xia Jian patted his […]

“Your mother went to town,Said to improve the food。This old lady,So many recent things,Just know to spend money,My family’s food is in the whole Xiping Village,Should also be in front”Xia Zecheng said,Laughed proudly。

Just at this time,Fang Fang and Sun Yuejuan came in together,She is carrying a lot of big bags,She just put things in the yard,Then roared at Xia Zecheng:”You immortal,You talk bad about me as soon as the child comes back,I’ve heard it from far away“ “mom!Dad didn’t say,You got it wrong”Xia Jian said,Walked over,Gently kicked Sun Yuejuan’s back。 Xia Zecheng […]

Xia Jian did not expect,My acting skills will be so good。as expected,The masked man laughed and said:“Junjie,You are still smart。Honestly let you roll together,After we withdrew smoothly,You can go home,Uncle is asking for money,Don’t want to kill“

“Good good!I’ll shout“Xia Jian nodded and bowed,Full trick。To know,Xia Jian also experienced a scene bigger than this,Only three masked men with knives can’t scare him。 Xia Jian glanced outside,Shouted in a high voice:“You come in!Don’t fool around,They have knives,And still three people,You are not an opponent,Still be honest“Xia Jian’s words haven’t finished,Just got up from the ass。 “Are you fucking […]

Seeing the three women of Mianshan Jianzong is like seeing some ghosts,These trainees from the Dragon Training Academy turned their heads and left,Never take a step forward!

Jiujun Mountain is in front,People exploring in the office city,Have passed various ways,And the information left in the organ city,The Tomb Hill of the Ninth Army is the final competition place for this power competition.。 And the fifth grade fuchsia brocade box,It can only appear in the Tomb of the Ninth Army! In fact,The Institution City is also undergoing tremendous […]

Xia Sanye kneeling on the ground,Shook his head and shouted:“You can’t do this,This will hit the gods”

“It’s already collided,Your old man should go back to the village with Huang Taixian,Pray for our Xia family!”Xia Jian said,Gave Chen Erniu a wink,Chen Erniu helped and pulled Sanye Xia to the edge of the ground。 Everyone started working again,But okay,I dug a long time next,Not even a human bone was dug out。The sun gets worse,How old are Xia Sanye?,Can’t […]