Everyone talking and laughing,Ruan Lingna picked up the walkie-talkie and made arrangements。I feel that I have grasped tightly in terms of time,But it was past seven o’clock when I was eating。

Because I don’t leave at night,So Xia Jian accompanied Guan Ting and they drank some beer。Lu Wei is polite,Not drink。But this Li Mengyue,No loss is for sales,She can both say,Can also drink。Pestering Xia Jian。If not for a meeting to swim,Xia Jian really can’t get out。
Finished eating,Xia Jian’s face changed,Started the meeting。He first talked about the progress of the project、Engineering requirements。Talk about sales after that。He doesn’t need to make a draft,I still say the truth。Lu Wei and Li Mengyue were a little surprised。
First2476chapter The man who broke in suddenly
The two newcomers may be a little surprised by Xia Jian’s unique way of meeting,They didn’t say a word,Listening attentively。
Xia Jian is not a person who doesn’t know the height of the sky,He only talked for half an hour,Then he said to Li Mengyue:“Vice President Li!Qingshan County is a small county,Relatively speaking, the consumer group is not very stable,So you have to work harder in this area”
“President Xia is relieved。I did a side survey of Qingshan County before I came here。Although Qingshan County is a small agricultural county,But in the past two years,The surrounding rural people began to move to the county seat,To give the next generation a better learning platform”
Li Mengyue said,Two big talking eyes blinked twice。
Xia Jian nodded,He smiled and said:“You are right。Among the people buying houses in Qingshan County,Part is**government employee,Like teacher、township**General public officials。Of course,Not many people in this department,But it is also a resource that cannot be ignored”
“Ok!So I advocate the construction of school district housing。For example, these newly built communities,Children must be equipped、primary school、And middle and high schools。We must use high-quality education to attract these people who are in need to buy houses here.”
Li Mengyue gets more and more energetic。Xia Jian kept nodding,He very much agrees with Li Mengyue’s ideas。
Guan Tingna finished listening to Li Mengyue,She also said a few words。Thus,Everyone discussed it with one word。
This will open until eleven o’clock,Finally, at Guan Tingna’s urging, Xia Jiancai returned to the resort room。Once back to the room,Xia Jian didn’t even think about going to sleep,He opened the laptop on the table。Unexpectedly, Yao Junli just went online,When she saw Xia Jian,Sent a message。
“Haven’t you slept so late?”