“Oh no!People from the opposing team are almost at the center ruins!”Guo Yinzhe’s voice almost burst Feng Xichuan’s head in an instant,It seems that the Flower and Grass team is once again in crisis……

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Chapter One Hundred and Sixty FlowersVSOscar(six)
“Chuck chuck……Chuck chuck……”
After the five members of the Flower and Grass team converge,Immediately faced the behind“Sand Guard”Double-teaming with the Oscar team not far from the exit。
“By now,I can only rush out to fight with them!”Feng Xichuan said。
“That may not be!Watch me!”
I saw Cao Anna ran back in the direction of the center ruins again,“Sand Guard”Don’t speak,After meeting, I slammed into the ground……
“It’s now!”
Anna Cao seize the opportunity,Holding in handM4A1Jumped up,Along“Sand Guard”The left arm as a path,Run up,Until stepped on“Sand Guard”Shoulders,Climbed on its neck。
“Sand Guard”Although brute force,But the actions are relatively simple,Can’t reach Cao Anna riding her neck。Several attempts,It’s the result of a left hand hitting a right hand。
Although it is a mighty force,But only two strands of sand washed away,It’s condensing again,What is really interpreted as“I got up so hard that I didn’t let it go”……
“Good job!!!”
“Anna be careful!”Only Guo Yinzhe yelled Cao Anna to be careful,But it doesn’t seem to be really heard。